Boost Your Leads With Google Ads for Landscaping Companies.

If you want your business to survive online, or even explode online then you definitely have to have Google Ads as part of your marketing strategy.  Google generates billions of dollars in revenue every single month from Google Ads.  That’s because it works.  If you aren’t using, your competitors are, and you’re missing the boat on some serious money-making.

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Improve Your Marketing Strategy With Google Ads for Landscaping (Previously Known as Google Adwords)

If your company is looking to generate more leads online, Google offers a few different advertising options. With the strategic use of Google’s advertising methods, you can see your website’s conversion rates rise to 20%. When you’re organizing your advertising strategies for a digital marketing campaign, don’t overlook the benefits of a well-placed ad.

The type of advertisement you run will depend on both your target audience and the type of services your landscaping business offers. Advertising campaigns in the landscaping industry usually rely on four main types of Google Ads for landscaping, along with ad extensions that provide more information about your business beyond that of a regular advertisement.

  • Google Search Ads are the types of ads that you have most likely seen: pay-per-click (PPC) Google ads for landscaping businesses that will end up at the top of search results pages, marked as “Ad.” Many different landscaping services rely on search ads to guarantee a place on the first results page when a prospective customer enters a relevant Google Search query.
  • Google Remarketing allows your banner advertisements to pop up frequently on pages of potential clients after they have visited your page once. Remarketing works best for sales that have a lengthy process or sales cycle since you’re hoping the prospect is still trying to make a decision.
  • Google Affinity Ads function in a similar way to Google Remarketing. However, with Affinity Ads, your targeted audience doesn’t need to have visited your website. Instead, Affinity Ads target potential customers who have searched for services similar to those that your company offers, even on a competitor’s website.
  • Google Local Ads are extremely effective single ads that pop up in a box with a map when users search for local services. While Local Ads generate a relatively high click rate, they will only appear when a prospect’s search terms match a specific set of parameters.

All these types of Google ads for landscaping have their place in a successful marketing strategy. However, it’s important to remember that using these kinds of Google ads for landscaping campaigns will function best when you pair them with other forms of digital marketing.

At Landscaper Marketers, we can help you design a full digital marketing campaign that includes a range of Google ad types. Schedule a 15-minute consultation to help us learn more about your company.



Sure you can get referrals, place bids for projects, or get likes on Facebook…We get you the customers you really want.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a consistent flow of leads and a full calendar every month?  You’ve come to the right place.


Once someone hits your website, look out! They will see you everywhere!  How? Simple. We use every media channel your customer uses and show them how amazing your problem solving skills are. We target them, and retarget them. Often.


People only buy from people they trust. Through reputation, marketing, and a great sales system, hiring you will be a no brainer.  They believe in what they see, so we put you out there for them to see. Every day of the week.


Stop using Home Advisor and other Pay Per Lead services as your main source of lead generation. Digital marketing is a challenge and most just throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. How about a proven method for once? Yep, we have that too.

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Discovery Call

Schedule a 15 minute one-on-one discovery call to have a casual easy conversation about your business. We will uncover what you tried in the past, what you are doing today, and what your goals are in the future and if we can help in any way.



If we’ve mutually agreed in our Discovery Call that we are a possible fit to work together, we will book a new time, a day or so later, where our agency will prepare in advance all our findings of your businesses online, show you our findings, and what we can bring to the table and show you how we can help.  If we agree then we start right away implementing your new Landscaper Marketing Plan.



After the deal is done, we set up an on-ramp call where we discuss all the details, get all your information, fill out forms, and discuss the first steps to accelerating your growth over the next 3 to 6 months.  Then we get to work building your lead generation machine. From building a brand new website, SEO, Google & Facebook Ads, to Reputation Management and Email Automation, we’ve got that all covered.



Up to this point, we’ve been tracking progress and data to ensure we can optimize at all levels where your best customers are hanging out. We keep everything up to date and we optimize even further to ensure you are always getting a consistent flow of customers and calls every single month. We rinse and repeat this process forever.


How Does Google’s Algorithm Determine a Rank for Your Ad?

When you run Google Ads for landscaping services, different factors determine how high Google’s algorithm ranks your ad in its results pages. Having a Google My Business account will help your advertisements appear higher on Google search results, as will a well-optimized company website (i.e., SEO).

Companies with a lot of 5-star reviews get pushed to the top of Google’s ranking system. This ranking makes sense because Google wants to promote only the best brands. Customer feedback is a quick and easy way for Google to gauge the quality of any business—so when you serve your customers well, Google rewards you.

Google Ads for landscaping companies also rank higher in search engine results based on the user’s proximity to your location. Potential clients who are near your business will see your business’s ads before they see ads from competitors that are farther away.

Google also wants to make sure that you engage with your customers quickly, so the algorithm rewards fast response times for leads that local ads have generated. The swifter your average response time, the higher your business’s ad will appear for Google users.

Lastly, if you have the money in your marketing budget, you can always outbid competitors for Google’s top-ranking advertisement slots on search results pages in a PPC campaign. However, if your business ranks well organically based on the other determining factors, you might not need to rely on this pay-to-play tactic.


Let Us Organize Google Ads for Your Landscaping Services Business

When you need to generate leads for your business, you can trust Landscaper Marketers to enhance your digital marketing campaign. We use high-quality Google Ads for landscaping that will reach your target audience and build your local base of customers. Our team will work closely with your landscaping business to determine what kinds of strategies may be the best fit for your company.

While we are a digital marketing agency at our core, we work exclusively with landscaping businesses. We are intimately familiar with the types of strategies that bring the best results in the landscaping industry.  That’s why we don’t work with Plumbers, or Roofers, or Doctors.  We know what works for landscapers.

We also guarantee that your business will be our top priority for your geographic area. When we work with your business, we refuse work from any of your competitors within a 15-mile radius.

At Landscaper Marketers, our team can provide marketing expertise far beyond Google Ad creation and management, too. We also assist businesses like yours with website and social media optimization, including natural SEO content that will generate organic leads to work in partnership with your paid advertisement strategies.

If you’re ready to expand your local customer base and maximize your online presence, book a 15-minute discovery call so we can learn about your needs. No sales pitch, guaranteed. Let us be your landscaping and lawn care marketing specialists!

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Gain a Competitive Advantage Over Your Local Landscaping Competitors


You can take control of your market with the right strategy.  The days of just throwing up a website are over.  You need to be where your customers are.  Are you struggling to get the phone ringing more often?  Well, we can help with that.

Many landscape contractors have tried many different ways, but they find it doesn’t work. Using short term per lead generation will never help you in the long run.

Our proven Landscaper Marketing Program can move the needle in the right direction.  It will ensure you get more leads, more often, and profitably.

If you’re stuck just using a Pay Per Lead service, then you are competing for the same lead, and everyone pays for the lead.  This always leads to the race to the bottom and the price will always be an objection.  Why not put your business in front of people you want to work with? 

Book a Discovery Call with us today so we can learn more about your business and where you want to go.


Landscaper Marketing Program

At Landscaper Marketers, We Provide High-Quality Digital Marketing for Landscapers

No better time exists to start a digital marketing campaign for your business than right now. Landscaper Marketers will work closely with your business to make sure that we meet all of your marketing needs. We work exclusively with companies in the landscaping industry, and we rely on our expertise in that field to get your business the leads you deserve.

When you work with us to spearhead a marketing campaign, we will help your business get on the map, create a widely accessible online presence, get more customers, and grow.

Be sure to call us today to learn more about how our marketing services can work for your landscaping company. We would enjoy a free 15-minute discovery conversation to help us get to know you, your company and your marketing needs. Please call Landscaper Marketers at (844) 234-5736 to set up a consultation. We look forward to helping you grow your business!

A discovery call is a quick 15-minute call where we discuss.
What you’ve tried in the past, what’s working and not working, and what your plans and goals are for the future.

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Take the driver’s seat to success today by using our Landscaper Marketing Accelerator program.

A discovery call is a quick 15-minute call where we discuss – What you’ve tried in the past, what’s working and not working, and what your plans and goals are for the future.

No sales pitch.