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Here’s How It Works

Step 1. We Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine.

Your website has 2 jobs. One is to turn prospects into customers by giving them the ability to contact you or fill out a form with ease.  The second job is to educate your prospective clients as to why you’re a better choice than your competition.

You certainly do not need a flashy gadget, widget, or bling on your website to make that happen.

You may have never set up a website before, or maybe you have invested thousands of dollars building one out. Either way, we are going to take it over so that we can build out the best strategy for you.

If you have an existing website, we are going to take that site to the next level.

If you don’t have a website, don’t worry.  We’ve got that covered.

You’ll get:

  • Hyper Optimized Website Hosting.
  • Website Optimized for Mobile Devices.
  • On-Page SEO Optimization.
  • A Conversion Based Website to Convert Traffic Into Customers.
  • Much, Much More!

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Step 2. Attracting The Right Customers


Simply put, it won’t matter how pretty your website is if there’s no one reading it!

Our strategy is to get your company out there where your customers are.  Whether they’re searching for a “backyard landscaping remodel”, or a regularly scheduled “bed maintenance”, we make sure you are front and center and at the top of search results.

We have found using a mixed strategy of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, and retargeting methods has delivered absolute results to our clients and they are growing!

Our proven strategy is designed to target your prospects at the right time and the right place, and when they’re in the buying phase.

On top of that we make sure that we are always optimizing and building out the right kind of landing page that converts traffic into prospects.

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Step 3. Analytics and Tracking

The only way you know if you’re succeeding is by tracking all of your efforts online.  This way we can quantify what’s really working well in the arenas your prospects hang out in.  This will guarantee that you scale up, not down.

We either create a new Google Analytics account or acquire access to yours if you have one.  From there we incorporate additional data to help keep track of where the leads are coming from and what type of conversion rates they are giving us.

This will also help to track bounce rates and website engagement so that we can make sure our efforts are well documented, at the same time getting you the leads and customers you expect.

Using our proprietary software, we track all your calls and record them so that you can listen in at any time.  This helps immensely with ensuring your staff is answering the phone and using a voice that makes your new customers happy!

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Gain a Competitive Advantage Over Your Local Landscaping Competitors


You can take control of your market with the right strategy.  The days of just throwing up a website are over.  You need to be where your customers are.  Are you struggling to get the phone ringing more often?  Well, we can help with that.

Many landscape contractors have tried many different ways, but they find it doesn't work. Using short term per lead generation will never help you in the long run.

Our proven Landscaper Marketing Program can move the needle in the right direction.  It will ensure you get more leads, more often, and profitably.

If you're stuck just using a Pay Per Lead service, then you are competing for the same lead, and everyone pays for the lead.  This always leads to the race to the bottom and the price will always be an objection.  Why not put your business in front of people you want to work with?

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