Get Found On Google With Landscaping SEO That Actually Works.

Search Engine Optimization may seem overwhelmingly complicated.  What you really need to know is if you’re company isn’t showing up on Google Search or the Map then you are missing out on some serious dough. It’s just that simple.

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Improve Your Marketing Strategy With an SEO Campaign

When you look for specific products or services online, you may notice that different companies’ websites appear in the search results depending on what words you use in your search query. Google and other search engines have algorithms that analyze the content on websites and determine which are the most relevant to your search. That’s why particular pages rank higher than others in your search results.

These search engines determine relevance by identifying keywords that you’ve embedded in the content of the pages they display. Optimizing the content on your company’s website specifically to cater to what these search engines value is the process called search engine optimization, or SEO. When well-optimized, your business website could rank among the top Google or Bing results.

Our team at Landscaper Marketers is here to help landscaping and lawn care companies develop and maintain a more extensive customer base. We can improve your website’s performance in a few different ways through superior research for keywords related to your products or services.

Your website can rank higher in organic search engine results when potential clients search for landscaping services in your area. The fundamental premise is that when your website ranks higher (that is, is more visible) in search results, you will generate more organic (i.e., unpaid) leads. What this means is that more people will click on your Google ad and arrive at your landing page.

You can generate leads organically through optimizing your website and other aspects of your online presence (SEO) or through paid ad systems such as pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-lead (PPL).

Once the prospective customer has arrived at your site, what happens next? This is the point where site-building and optimizing navigation, design, and content are essential. 

Once you’ve attracted a prospect, your next job is to get them to explore your site and take the bait—which means clicking to buy or calling to make an appointment. Creating a website that has appealing design and content—and that’s easy for customers and clients to navigate—means they are more likely to stay on your website and contact you for your services.


Contact Landscaper Marketers today so we can help you start developing your landscaping SEO campaign.


Sure you can get referrals, place bids for projects, or get likes on Facebook…We get you the customers you really want.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a consistent flow of leads and a full calendar every month?  You’ve come to the right place.


Once someone hits your website, look out! They will see you everywhere!  How? Simple. We use every media channel your customer uses and show them how amazing your problem solving skills are. We target them, and retarget them. Often.


People only buy from people they trust. Through reputation, marketing, and a great sales system, hiring you will be a no brainer.  They believe in what they see, so we put you out there for them to see. Every day of the week.


Stop using Home Advisor and other Pay Per Lead services as your main source of lead generation. Digital marketing is a challenge and most just throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. How about a proven method for once? Yep, we have that too.

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Getting Started Is Easy As 1,2,3…4


Discovery Call

Schedule a 15 minute one-on-one discovery call to have a casual easy conversation about your business. We will uncover what you tried in the past, what you are doing today, and what your goals are in the future and if we can help in any way.



If we’ve mutually agreed in our Discovery Call that we are a possible fit to work together, we will book a new time, a day or so later, where our agency will prepare in advance all our findings of your businesses online, show you our findings, and what we can bring to the table and show you how we can help.  If we agree then we start right away implementing your new Landscaper Marketing Plan.



After the deal is done, we set up an on-ramp call where we discuss all the details, get all your information, fill out forms, and discuss the first steps to accelerating your growth over the next 3 to 6 months.  Then we get to work building your lead generation machine. From building a brand new website, SEO, Google & Facebook Ads, to Reputation Management and Email Automation, we’ve got that all covered.



Up to this point, we’ve been tracking progress and data to ensure we can optimize at all levels where your best customers are hanging out. We keep everything up to date and we optimize even further to ensure you are always getting a consistent flow of customers and calls every single month. We rinse and repeat this process forever.


Don’t Let Your Company’s Website Fall Behind the Times

One of the most common factors that drives potential customers away from businesses is a clunky and outdated website. The fact of the matter is that your website’s appearance will be many customers’ first impression of your business. You want to make that impact count as much as possible.

At Landscaper Marketers, we work to improve your existing website or create a new website for your company from scratch. Here is how we can make your page more appealing than that of your competitors:

  1. We ensure that your website will display well for both desktop and mobile users. Many people use their mobile devices more than their desktops, while others don’t even own desktops anymore. Keeping all types of users in mind (in terms of how they access information) can help grow your customer base.
  2. We will optimize your page for local searches with local SEO content. Such optimization means that when potential clients in your geographic area search for landscaping services, your website could be one of the first they see.
  3. We will build your website to concentrate on converting traffic into customers. Getting potential customers to your website is only half the battle. Once they find your website, we want to make sure they have a good reason to stay there.


Give Your Website Visitors a Page With Real Value

In terms of web pages for your local services, value means that customers can find everything they are looking for on your landing page. Many people want immediate results when searching for services online—and when they don’t see answers, they probably won’t click around your website to find them. Most likely, the person will return to Google and click the next most promising link—and when they do, you’ve lost a potential customer to a competitor.

One of the best ways to ensure that people find the right information on your landing page is to have separate pages for each specific service your company offers. If you have distinct landing pages for different search terms, you can provide more specialized information to each seeker. With relevant page titles, optimized title tags, and informative meta descriptions, your website can attract more leads solely because of its ease of use.


How Hiring Landscaper Marketers Can Strengthen Your Online Presence

As a digital marketing agency, Landscaper Marketers does more than merely add landscaping SEO content to your website. We work to convert the traffic that comes to your website and social media platforms into actual leads. The first step toward this goal is to make sure that your website and social media pages are appealing to your customers.

We have a few different facets to our process, but each of them interlinks with the next to form an online presence that your customers can trust. As a business owner, it’s essential to keep your online reputation in sync with what customers can expect from your company’s landscaping services. If you look professional online, customers will begin to associate that professionalism with your services, too.

Turn Potential Customers Into Longtime Clients

One of your website’s primary purposes is to allow customers to find your business and learn more about the services you offer. With the right lawn care SEO and landscaping SEO, people in your area looking for these types of services can easily find you. However, just finding your business is not enough. You also need to let your customers know that your services are the right ones for them.

Your website should be a seamless experience for your clients, and they should never have to question how to navigate your page. Much like the way your site’s visual appearance can impact your customers’ perception of your business, so can their user experience. When your site is easy to work with, your customers can assume that your business will be effective in its practices, too.

Inform and Educate Your Audience

While the well-optimized landscaping SEO in your website’s content may be what helps you rank high on Google’s search engines so you can draw customers to your page, those keywords by themselves don’t convert traffic into leads. To make the content on your website work for you, you need to inform your audience about your services and make them think, “This is exactly what I need.”

Once they have a clear idea about what your landscaping business can offer, the content needs to educate them about why your company is the best choice. When your audience can see your advantage over your competitors, their decision becomes that much easier. Let your audience know about what your business offers that differentiates you from the rest of the pack.

Attract Customers in Your Area

Getting a surge in traffic to your website is excellent, but if those clicks don’t come from people in your geographic region, that traffic may not mean much if your business is a local or regional service. To maximize your leads and grow your audience organically, you must reach people who can take advantage of your services.

Landscaping SEO keywords in your content get you halfway, but geographic SEO keywords make sure that you are reaching your target audience. A Google My Business account can also help you to find a geo-specific audience. When your company appears in Google My Business directory listings, customers can see your contact information and even get directions to your brick-and-mortar location.

Website Performance Analysis

When you work with Landscaper Marketers, we will need access to your company’s Google Analytics account to track your SEO campaign’s performance. If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, we can create one for you. With these tools, we can observe trends in traffic to your website to pinpoint what is working and not working for your business.

Analyzing the traffic to your website allows us to find out where your leads are coming from and how many visitors are converting into customers—and even which landing pages are converting them. We can also keep tabs on bounce rates—that is, the percentage of people who visit your website but make no engagement. Conversely, we can also track what parts of your website get the most engagement.

By analyzing performance data, we will know exactly what aspects of your digital marketing campaign require more focus. This data will allow us to give attention to areas in need without detracting from the parts of your online presence that already work well.

Google and Facebook Ads

Creating ads for Google and Facebook is another way that we can help your business generate more leads. While this type of lead generation is less organic and not as cost-effective as a good landscaping SEO campaign, it’s a much faster way to start getting clicks.

The most significant advantage to Google ads is that they appear in Google’s search results above the organic results. So if the ad that you created matches a user’s search query, that ad will appear higher in the results than business pages with perfectly optimized landscaping SEO content.

Facebook ads have an advantage, as well. If a targeted user has recently searched for services similar to the services that your business offers, an ad for your website may appear to them when they are on Facebook. Even if the user doesn’t engage directly with that ad, just seeing the advertisement might plant the mental seed that leads them to your business at a later time.

Fortify Your Online Reputation

Once your business starts getting more traction from customers, you will likely begin to receive online feedback. Customer feedback is vital to fortifying your reputation online because the words of past customers hold a lot of weight with potential clients. Unfortunately, your business is bound to receive negative feedback sooner or later, though.

Even negative feedback can show customers a lot about how you operate as a business. How you respond to negative feedback may be more important than responding to positive feedback. We can help you handle negative reviews with grace, addressing the customer’s concerns while standing firm in your company’s policies.

When customers see negative feedback handled with an air of professionalism, it can change their attitude about the review. Similarly, we want to promote your positive feedback so everyone can see testimonials from happy customers. By embedding positive feedback and testimonials on your webpage, customers get an idea of what they might expect when hiring you.

Attending to Leads

When a potential lead reaches out for information on your services, you should respond promptly. If you wait too long, that person might move along to the next business that can help them. At Landscaper Marketers, we will assist with fast responses to customer inquiries and provide effective follow-ups on your behalf.

Even those prospective customers who don’t hire your services right away may need a little nurturing. By fostering a relationship with non-buyers, you effectively show that your company cares about your customers and not just about their money.

Customers notice when companies are attentive to them, and when your potential customers feel like you will be in their corner, they will be much more willing to give you their business.

Social Platforms

You want potential customers to be able to reach you on as many platforms as possible. While social media expands your online presence in general, having active social media accounts also allows you to reach different demographics. Different age groups, for example, tend to gravitate to certain social media platforms.

While your website with landscaping SEO content might draw in older homeowners, you can reach a younger crowd with a well-managed Twitter or Instagram account. These platforms also let you get more personal with your customers and allow you to showcase some of your best or most recent work easily.

A successful social media business account also serves as free advertising in significant ways. Your followers on social media can easily become your ambassadors and share your page with their own followers, which gets your company in front of more potential clients with a figurative seal of approval attached.


Without the Right Lawn Care SEO Strategy, Your Landscaping Company Risks Losing Potential Leads

The right landscaping SEO strategy has many moving parts. It can be daunting to try to tackle them by yourself while also taking care of your other responsibilities with the company. While it is possible to take on a digital marketing campaign on your own, leaving it to our experts at Landscaper Marketers will ensure that you get results.

With our combined expertise in the landscaping field and the digital marketing realm, we guarantee that you will see more organic leads coming to your website. All you have to do is sit back and watch as the traffic to your site converts to loyal customers who become advocates for your company.

Without a properly executed SEO strategy, your company can suffer lead losses, and you will quickly see that pay-per-click leads are competitive and can soon become expensive. However, when you combine a solid lawn care SEO strategy with the strong online presence that Landscaper Marketers can offer, the results might surprise you.

The leads are out there, and our expert team at Landscaper Marketers can help them find your business. Give us a call for a 15-minute discovery consultation. You can tell us what strategies you have tried in the past, and our team can work out future goals that Landscaper Marketers can help you reach.


Contact us today at 844-234-5736 and let the Landscaper Marketers team help make your website work for you. We’re a digital marketing agency specializing exclusively in helping landscaping contractors like you.

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At Landscaper Marketers, We Provide High-Quality Digital Marketing for Landscapers

No better time exists to start a digital marketing campaign for your business than right now. Landscaper Marketers will work closely with your business to make sure that we meet all of your marketing needs. We work exclusively with companies in the landscaping industry, and we rely on our expertise in that field to get your business the leads you deserve.

When you work with us to spearhead a marketing campaign, we will help your business get on the map, create a widely accessible online presence, get more customers, and grow.

Be sure to call us today to learn more about how our marketing services can work for your landscaping company. We would enjoy a free 15-minute discovery conversation to help us get to know you, your company and your marketing needs. Please call Landscaper Marketers at (844) 234-5736 to set up a consultation. We look forward to helping you grow your business!

A discovery call is a quick 15-minute call where we discuss.
What you’ve tried in the past, what’s working and not working, and what your plans and goals are for the future.

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A discovery call is a quick 15-minute call where we discuss – What you’ve tried in the past, what’s working and not working, and what your plans and goals are for the future.

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