Top 50 Landscaping Keywords in the USA


Top 50 Landscaping Keywords in the USA

Here’s a list of top 50 keywords in USA for your lawn & landscaping business.  The average monthly searches are based on the country as a whole.  Your area will show different results.

Keyword Avg. monthly searches Competition Competition (indexed value)
lawn mower 368000 High 100
landscape 301000 Low 9
landscaping near me 110000 Medium 49
landscape design 60500 High 78
lawn care 60500 Medium 34
lawn care near me 40500 Medium 59
lawn service 40500 Medium 43
lawn service near me 33100 Medium 62
landscaping companies near me 33100 Medium 44
lawn care services 33100 Medium 43
landscaper 27100 Low 23
lawn mowing service 27100 Medium 43
landscaping companies 22200 Medium 41
lawn mowing service near me 14800 Medium 51
lawn care services near me 14800 Medium 54
lawn maintenance 12100 Low 29
backyard design 12100 High 100
landscaping services 12100 Medium 42
backyard landscaping 9900 High 100
lawn mowing near me 9900 High 97
landscape contractors 8100 Medium 37
mow the lawn 6600 Low 13
landscaping services near me 6600 Medium 50
lawn maintenance near me 4400 Medium 56
lawn care companies 4400 Low 20
grass cutting service 4400 Medium 61
mowing services 4400 Medium 40
landscape maintenance 3600 Low 33
yard maintenance 3600 Medium 54
grass mower 3600 High 94
grass cutting near me 3600 Medium 59
landscape contractors near me 3600 Medium 38
backyard landscape design 3600 High 100
grass landscape 3600 High 100
landscaping cost 3600 Medium 37
lawn treatment 2900 Low 21
lawn care companies near me 2900 Medium 49
local landscapers 2900 Medium 51
lawn cutting service 2900 Medium 52
commercial landscaping 2900 Low 30
landscaping business 2900 Low 28
mowing services near me 2900 Medium 36
spring lawn care 2400 Low 30
lawn mower near me 2400 High 96
organic lawn care 2400 High 81
grass cutting service near me 2400 Medium 55
lawn mower prices 2400 High 100
yard service near me 2400 High 69

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