2021 Guide To Google Maps


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All right, so we’re gonna talk about the 2021 Guide to Google Maps, how to get your landscaping lawn care business ranked on Google Map. And typically, you want to, you know, look at the overall strategy of how it works with Google, right. This is part of our, our overall strategy, the landscape of marketers accelerator. And basically what this is, it’s it’s basically a webinar series that we’re going to be putting out every single month for the year talking about the different types of channels that you want to tap into, as far as opportunities are concerned, right. So



just need your attention, turn on your turn your phone on, put it on Do Not Disturb, it can sometimes be a little distracting. You know, when you’re diving into something like this, it’s really hard to really pay attention as to what’s going on. So you definitely want to make sure you put your phone on Do Not Disturb, I have done the same as well.



Turn off Facebook, if you can do it. If you’re on Facebook Live, obviously, that’s not the best way to do it. But if you are in the webinar here, you definitely want to turn that off.



If you’re a lawn care provider in landscaping business owner, and you’re really serious about taking your business to the next level, or really getting to understand and you know, figure out how Google Maps works, then the next 60 minutes can be definitely an important thing for you. So what we’re going to cover today is we’re going to cover the latest updates with Google Map listing, we’re gonna cover the five biggest issues that could be preventing you from ranking. And we’re also going to talk about our proven model for ranking in the three pack. Then we’re going to be talking about the best tools to systematize and automate the heavy lifting,



and so on. So who am I and why should you listen to me? Well, I’ve been in the internet marketing space for about six years. Previously, I was an owner of a window cleaning gutter cleaning pressure washing business, and a Christmas light installation company and sold that



just so I can focus on digital marketing as well. But we completely automated those businesses sold them. And now we do digital marketing for lawn care and landscapers. So we’re also a Google partner. And we work exclusively with lawn care and landscaping businesses across the US and Canada. And we really know it works to generate flood of leads, and flood of new business. We’re currently working on a new book called the lawn care and landscaping contractors digital marketing blueprint, it should be out in the spring of 2021. So if you want a copy of that, shoot me a message on Facebook. And just let me know what your information is. And I’ll get that sent out to you. I won’t charge you for shipping or anything.



So this is what we do. Right. We work specifically with digital marketing for lawn care and landscapers. And our goal, we’re on a mission, right? We want to help 500 lawn care and landscaping contractors at seven figures and jobs by 2025.



So let’s dive into the main topic here. Then, we’re going to be talking about Google Maps, right? Because does Google Maps actually even matter? Right?



I pulled up a study from bright local, and I found it very interesting and I wanted to share with you. It is a bit older. It’s from q4 2017 to q4 2018. talks a lot about how direct searches have grown. And it was also the activity that has been going on Google My Business as well. So what they did is they did they analyzed 45,000 businesses. And this is what they came up with.



Typically a business will receive roughly 59 actions from their Google My Business listing every month, on average 56% of those actions are on Google My Business or website visits 16% of businesses receive more than 100 calls every single month from Google My Business. So it just shows that it actually does work. And it’s just growing and growing and growing. So yes, Google Maps does definitely matter. There’s no question. In fact,



71% Last time I checked 71% of all searchers, who search for a service will make a buying decision based on what they see in Google Maps, right? So whether they decide to click on your maps listing or call you or go down to find you on organic listings.



You’re gonna find that this is an important part, right. 370 years of example, I have a client specialty landscaping in Oklahoma City. He did have 370 calls last year 1300 website visits just in 2020 alone. So it shows that it actually does work.



Okay, yeah, I’m not sure.



So Google Maps does get you calls and drives more business, right? You can’t just rely on one source of leads to drive business and grow your company. You can’t just rely on Google ads or Facebook ads. You can’t just rely on local service ads, or anything like a pay per lead service pay per lead, or homeadvisor, things like that, right?



As important as these are, you need to have an overall strategy in order to really take off with Google right?



One second.



So here are some of the biggest changes that we’re going to talk about when it comes to Google My Business.



They become more targeted than ever before, geo targeted, right? So for example, if I search for your service on my phone here in my office, and then it’s going to show me a list of whatever it is, and let’s say you’re ranked number one, if I go 20 minutes away on the highway,



and I search for your service again, chances are it’s going to be another company, if they’re closer, right, chances are, the listing is going to change quite a bit. So it wasn’t like that that long ago, there was a there was a time where you could be an hour away and still be ranking on Google Maps. It’s just not like that anymore. And you have to look at this logically, right. I mean, we it is a map, we are looking at a map. So if we want to get from point A to point B, Google is trying to make that as accurate and relevant as possible, right.



Google is now if you haven’t seen it already, there now you know, including another section where you can actually have a paid spot on Google Maps. So even though you’re not showing up in Google Maps in a specific area, you could pay for that. Which is another example of why Google Ads is very important as an important tool in your marketing shed. Because you know, there’s so many different strategies that you can implement. And that’s one of them, right? Google Local Service. ads is also live in most markets as well. So if you do have long hair in your business, and you’re not taking advantage of Google Local Service ads, it might be something you want to consider. There is a process behind that as well, you’ll need to go through that verification process, you’ll need to get some background checks done. And once you implement that, with Google ads, and maps and organic listings, you’re going to start to see that the overall strategy that you’re implementing is going to have huge payoffs, you’re taking up pretty much everything that Google has to offer, which is the ideal situation. So here’s a perfect example of the map pack.



So how, how this impacts search results, as I just quickly mentioned, right at the top, you have your Google Local Service ads, right. Below that you have your Google ads. Below that you have your Google My Business, the map pack, and below that you have SEO. So if you can come up with a strategy, to really take advantage of all of those different things, then you’re going to find that you’re going to have a massive increase in call volume, and leads being filled out. So if Google Local Service ads is something that you think you want to do, here’s the link that you can get there to sign up. Also, there’s an app that you can download there, really just simply follow this process. And Google will help you through that, right, you’ll be able to get the Google guaranteed, which is the green green shield checkbox there, which is an important part as well. And there’s more that we can talk about when you know, very soon here in this webinar.



So really, at the end of the day, like I was mentioning, you just really want to own search results, right? Take advantage of what’s there in front of you, right? If you do that, you’re going to find that you’re going to get dramatic, dramatic increases in leads consistently every single month.



So let’s go take a little bit of a history here. And what’s been going on with Google Maps, there’s been a lot of changes going on. In fact, at the end of 2019, there was a real big change, where they did a Google algorithm update that affected millions and millions of Google My Business listings, because of spam content, right, because of the way these listings were being made. There’s still I mean, I’m in a lot of digital marketing groups. And there’s still a lot of agencies out there that are promising. I’m going to build a Google My Business listing over here for you build up to 300, different locations, all these different things that they’re still trying to do. As short term and short sighted as that is you’re going to find that if you do that, you’re really going to, you know, put yourself at risk to never have a Google My Business listing again. So lots of things going down the pike for that. Google really, really is focusing a lot now on making sure that Google Maps is very accurate, and that the spam lists spam listings are at a minimum. And so that’s kind of what happened since 2015. Google says it has reduced the fake Google listings by 70%. There was a massive amount. In fact, I even had one client before. He was ranking in all these different areas. And then the algorithm update hit at the end of 2019. And he was abused Matt. He was he was affected.



Quite a bit, so it took some time to get back up.



So it can definitely get get pretty frustrating. So a couple of things that could be hurting your rankings on maps is you need



to have an office in the city that you’re you’re targeting, right that you’re in, you need to rank well on Google Maps.



You need to



not have spam locations, right? You need to have a consistent name and address and phone number profile across the internet. And, of course,



you want to be careful with how everything is laid out on your Google My Business listing, right? Do you have the keywords?



in your description? Do you have your keywords in maybe the services that you offer the categories? Right? Don’t put keywords in your business name, the business name



needs to be your legal entity. If you add content, like other keywords, or your location in the in their business name, chances are, you’re gonna get suspended, right? Or they’re gonna update it and change it for you. So the other one is lack of reviews, right? Do you have enough reviews across the across the web to really help bring that listing up, right? Google wants to show people the best result. So if you’re doing all those things, you’re going to be the best result. So here’s our proven formula for getting ranked in the three pack.



One of the things is you want to have optimized Google My Business listing, make sure your name, address and phone number is correct. Make sure that you’re you’re doing a lot of like uploading and photos and things like that, which we’ll get into a little bit more detail. But you also want to be building out your citation program as well, you’ve probably heard this over and over and over again, you want to have your name across the internet congruently accurately in as many directories as you could possibly get. And there’s software programs to help you with it. There’s agencies like ours that can help you with that as well. There’s a lot of different ways that you can do it. And then you want to have a program, a system in your company can even bring it as part of your culture, where you’re getting a consistent amount of reviews on an ongoing basis. It’s not just having this one time, all I got 10 reviews is going to be good, you need to have it ongoing, right.



And of course, your website’s got to be accurate, you got to have good on page SEO.



So the first thing that we’re talking about is the claiming and optimizing your Google My Business, right? You need to make sure that you have



a login for your Google My Business account, well, that’s obvious, you need to update your company name to read company name, right? Don’t add keywords there don’t add any city names, none of that kind of stuff, you want to have your legal entity in there. It’s been kind of stated a little bit that if you had inked an LLC in there, Google doesn’t like those either. So if it is part of your name, just remove that as well. Just make sure that across the board with your citations, it’s the same, right?



You need to add your website address because that’s an important link going to your website as well. So it’s not only just them, making it easier for your customer to go to your website. It’s also a backlink. So you want to make sure that’s in there.



You also want to use a local number if you can, if your call tracking and doing different things like that, there is a secondary slot for that as well. So talk to your agency talk to whoever it is that you’re dealing with as far as how you’re dealing with cold call tracking, because there’s a specific way it needs to be done in order for it to work properly, right? Obviously, you want to be tracking these calls. So if you use software like call rail, you know, you’ll you can put the call rail number in the primary. And then you can have your number as the secondary, right.



The other thing is, you want to use an actual address, you want to use your local address, don’t use a box number, don’t use a UPS Store, don’t use a virtual office. Because while again, you might be able to get away with it for a while. Really at the end of the day, there is people at the on Google side that can do a street view of your business and see what’s going on if they don’t like what they see. That can be grounds for suspension. So just be careful with that. The biggest thing is photos, photos, and posting, right, upload as many photos as you possibly can on an ongoing basis. I try to encourage my clients to train their employees to do it. Right. All they have to do is when they’re on the field, take pictures with their phone, they can upload those pictures, right to Google Maps as as a customer, right.



And by doing that what it does is it they have the pictures are stamped with geo targeting. And there’s EXIF data in the background that Google can see. And when you upload it, Google has a signal that realizes Okay, you also work out in this area. So the more you do that, the more Google kind of understands what your service area is, and you’ll start to rank in those areas as well. Right so definitely important upload as many photos as you can pictures of yourself, the owner pictures of your staff pictures of the office.



pictures of your trucks, equipment, all that kind of stuff, right?



Obviously, you want to list your hours of operation and services offered.



All right, let’s see here. Where are we at with Facebook?



Facebook says we’re still alive. So that’s good.



Good, good, good.



All right.



So here’s a, here’s a perfect example of one of my clients, right where we, he uses Google My Business. And he ranks quite quite well in his area, and just in his local area, so he serves a large area, but just in his local area alone, he gets calls on a regular basis.



This is on just every month, right? So or every quarter, I guess, in this case, but that’s at the low end. But, you know, like I showed you with the graph before, he got over 300 calls just from Google My Business, right. So again, some of the best practices you want to have is update your photos, add them on a consistent basis, leverage Google posts and posting at least once every 90 days. And to be honest, I would even do better than that, I would do two to three times a week, right? You want to post on Google at least two to three times a week, post and talk about things like your services, obviously, you can do screenshots of reviews that we’re taking, put them upload them, talk about the service in the description, so that Google understands what the two are about, and then how to link to the service page that you’re talking about. Right? Don’t just link to your homepage, your link to the actual service page that you have, right? Then you want to respond to reviews as well, positive view reviews and negative reviews. Right? When you respond to a negative review. You want to do in a professional, polite way. Without that kind of an emotional response that can happen, right? Because then it just looks bad, right? You don’t want that either. So think, for example, things like somebody says they were not happy with the service. Okay, well, you know what I reached out to you, we’re going to take care of this for you. We’re going to call you right away. Okay? That kind of thing. And in fact, sometimes it can turn out in your benefit, where they will actually go back in and review their negative review and change it right. So it’s a good way to do it.



There’s also an option where you can get there’s a question q&a option on your Google My Business, you want to make sure that if somebody does ask a question that you respond to that as well.



Alright, so the second thing we want to do is you want to build citations, and consistency with your name, address and phone number, lots and lots of citations. It’s getting to the point where this isn’t near as important as it used to be. But it’s still an important part to play in order to make sure that you’re getting enough



for ranking, right. So there’s a lot of software out there that you can use. There’s there’s brightlocal, there’s Moz, there’s a hold up, there’s, there’s digital marketing agencies that can provide that service for you as well. But you want to be able to get into as many directories as you can, across the web with the correct name, address and phone number, right. If you do that Google is going to be referencing your business across the internet, the better and more concise that it is, and



congruent that it is, the better it’s going to be for you, right. So you want to try if you do have incorrect business information and duplicates, and different things like that, you want to kind of make sure that you get that taken care of as soon as possible.



And it’s all part of the of the citation web, right? There’s a lot of things that you can do. There’s data aggregators, there’s Yext, different places like that, where you can put in the information,



just like this.



And basically, they will push out through API, they will push out all of your directory information to other smaller sub directories as well. Right. So these are the four big ones that you want to really look at is factual axiom infogroup. Foursquare, you can even use Yext as well, you you can pay them to have your



citations pushed out.



So here’s Perfect, perfect examples of some tools that we use in our agency as well to help with our clients. brightly local is a really good one, it’s fairly affordable, Moz, local is good as well, white Spark, Yext, all of these will push out, and they have campaigns that you can actually pay them for, to push out all of your name, address phone number information to these different directories.



So if you really want, what I’ve done is I created a scan tool on my website, you can just go to lasky promarkers.com, forward slash scan,



where you can just enter in your information. It’ll look like this. And basically just put in your business name and it should automatically populate your business on Google Maps. If you don’t have your address, shown if it’s hidden like a service area business, this may not work for you. But if you do have a physical address, put in your



Here, get the report. And what this is going to do, it’s actually going to spit out a report for everything that you’re doing right. So you have your Google My Business, social media,



reviews, reputation management, on page SEO, how many links or what’s your link score, and how your ranking so it’s not just with Google My Business, but it’s going to give you an overall report. So I would highly recommend that you do that doesn’t cost anything, it’s absolutely free. Just go to landscape, your marketers.com for slash scan. Now, take care of that for you. When you do put in the information, just make sure that you change the business category to to whatever it is that your main category is, if it’s lawn care, but lawn care if it’s landscaping, poor landscaper.



Alright, so you want to manually claim and optimize your Google My Business, you want to use a tool like Yext, or, or bright local or anything like that for direct API to 50 of the top citation listings, you want to get listed in major data aggregators. And you want to leverage a tool like, again, bright local, to be able to find and locate all those different citations and build out a citation program where they’ll update all of the citations for you, or white spark as well, to find niche listing opportunities.



So on my website, as well, I do have a list of the Top 50 citations, if you don’t feel like using a service, and you kind of want to handle it yourself, you can actually go to every single site and sign up for them. And the links are on my website to those sites, you just got to go to landscaper, markers.com for slash citations, and they’ll take you there.



Alright, so the second thing is, again, we’re going to talk a lot of real reviews don’t pay companies,



you know, overseas for for reviews that aren’t real, right? It’s just, it’s just not a good practice, it’s black hat SEO. And at some point, the algorithm is going to update to accommodate for what’s going on with that. So if you do do that, you’re going to get slapped down the road, right. So I would not recommend doing that. You want to have a consistent amount of leads, you want to have a good system that puts out leads on an ongoing basis. And that’s what Google loves, right? So



there’s a lot of tools out there that you can use that can help you with that, right, you can leverage these tools to request reviews after every single job. I’ve even seen clients where they will actually have a printed business card, where they can actually leave it with their clients say, Hey, can you leave us a review, there’s a link on the card, and they will do it that way.



Now, I don’t necessarily see a lot from what I understand, I don’t know that there’s a lot of people that actually use that. But



what’s good about it is that you’re planting the seed, right? When when you have your text, go to the job, and they they’re taking care of the job, they will automatically be trained to know to go to the customer say, Hey, we want to make sure that you’re gonna we’re gonna provide you with the best service possible. So that you can leave us a review after we know our expectation is that you’re going to get 10 out of 10, right or five out of five, right? So then you go back and do the work. Here’s the card. By the way, if you want to leave a review, you’d also different stuff. And then from there, after the invoice is sent and paid, then you have an automated system that’s going to follow up with them after to get a review. I’d even seen some clients as much as call them after and say, hey, how did Joe and Bob do? You know, how was their work? You know, how was your experience, blah, blah, blah, blah, you have the conversation with the customer, and then over the phone, get them to do a review as well. So it’s a little bit more aggressive. Not every company is comfortable doing that. But it is a tool that you can use it is a strategy that has worked in the past, and that it’s something that you could build as a culture in your business. So here’s some examples of some of the review platforms that you can use review buzz, there’s nearby now birdeye Nice job is a really good one, I see a lot of service businesses use that one.



You can also use your CRM a lot of times now these are all built in whether it’s service Titan service autopilot.



jobber, right customer factor, a lot of different CRM that you can use for your business, where you can build out your own review automation, right? I highly recommend that if you haven’t done that yet to definitely get that going. Because



if you don’t have it, then obviously you’re not going to get near as many reviews, as you know, but just by asking you’re sending a quick email. If you haven’t automated, then you know, every time that invoice is sent and paid for that this is going to happen, it’s going to trigger you’re going to have a higher probability of getting more reviews.



So the other thing is on page optimization, right? How well built out is your website, not only just in the footer, but you want to make sure that your website is built out in a specific way so that when Google references your website, when somebody



searches for your service in that location, that if it matches, there’s a higher probability that you’re going to be ranking in maps, right, especially in your own service area. So you want to list out your locations. In the footer, you want to be talking about the locations that you serve on your website. And you want to have links back to the Google My Business, right.



So, again, here’s our proven formula for getting ranked in the three pack, right, optimize your Google My Business, make sure that it’s consistent. Make sure that you’re filling out all of the details that are on Google My Business, get your citations in order to get them all built out in concrete and across the internet.



Have a good solid review system that’s been built in as a culture for your business. And then of course, you want to have a good solid website that’s built out so that when Google refers your website, to the information that’s being queried, right, Google knows to show your website and show your show your listing on Google Maps.



Here’s some off site off page SEO stuff that you can do claiming optimize your business listing, get lots of citations, build reviews, leverage best in class tools, like nearby now review, Buzz, nice job in your CRM, build authority, authoritative links back to your website from other websites as well. Strategic content syndication. And that’s next, the next thing that we’re going to be talking about here shortly. So what is Google testing right now. So this is one of the things that we don’t know if it’s going to be official yet, but it is if it has been in beta for a while.



And basically, Google is going to be talking about



stalking the Facebook here, Google is going to be talking about possibly charging a fee every single month for legitimate businesses who have been background check using that Google guarantee that we talked about four local Google Local Service ads, that gives you the Google guaranteed bad rate on the maps, and gives them gives you the chance to actually have a good solid ranking, because Google wants to show the right listings to the right people, right. So this will help with spammy listings and put legit companies ahead on the Google My Business rankings. So



going back to a little bit about how the rankings how it all works, right? You have your service pages, you have your location pages on your website, and then you might even have a blog that’s going on



a blog is important because it’s supports your website, it supports the services that you talk about, you can go into more depth, right, you can talk a lot more about your services in different angles, right using using blogs for that, but having a blog post just doesn’t cut it anymore, right? You still have people come to the blog post in order for it to have any meaning, right. So if you don’t have a strategy, where you’re posting on Google, on social media, and different things like that on an ongoing basis with these with these blog posts, then they’re they’re kind of useless in a lot of ways. So there is a strategy that you can use to really help use these blog posts. And,



you know, get a lot more backlinks, a lot more signals for your, for your website, and for Google My Business. And so we use what’s called a new authority signal generation approach. And basically, we’re using like cutting edge technology, where we can actually create signal generations for the new Google algorithm, which is called Google eat, to help with your rankings. Right. And so what this does is it kind of satisfies this new algorithm, which is called Google eats. So expertise, so the quality is your website, quality, structured media rich content, then there’s authority published on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, that is a huge amount of authority that you can have. And so if you can be able to figure out a way to have content on those outlets, and have a link back to your website, you’ve just passed on all that authority to your website. And so by doing that, you’re going to have a massive amount of PageRank, and a massive amount of trust, and you will definitely rank.



And I don’t want to go into too much detail is a little technical with this. But here’s a perfect example of the periodic table, the SEO periodic table, which shows that you know, what works and what doesn’t work in 2021. Right.



So, Google uses different algorithms for local searches, which places importance on three important making categories and their supporting signals. One is proximity, right? How close is the place of business for the person searching, using zip codes, geo coordinates and your content, the rest you can’t control. The other one is relevance. how relevant is the search term for your business, optimized content on page signals, use of business categories and content and section headings nice citations review velocity. Remember, we’re talking about that review velocity before it’s one thing to have some reviews, but it’s a completely novel.



thing to have it on an ongoing basis, right?



And then the third one is provenance. What is the authority of the local business? Right? The profile, the algorithm that we were talking about Brandman mentions link link signals, number of reviews versus to competition, using syndication will dramatically improve provenance of the entity and author over three to six months. I know it sounds a lot, lot technical, but we’re just basically talking about press releases, right? If you know of a company that does the press releases, you know, it would be in your best interest to come up with a strategy to make that happen for yourself, right. Here’s an example of one of my clients.



We use press releases, and you can see that this is actually out on a on a



on a news channel right now, this blog, right? It’s just talking about sodding right, and some of the steps that you can use for your site installation. And then we have links going back to the website, right? In fact, I can actually show you here, I think I have it open here. So here’s here’s the real blog, right? It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. But this blog is all over all these news outlets, right. And then as you can see here, right there pushed out to these distribution channels. And then all of these distribution channels have links coming back to this website. Within here. There’s so many things that can be done right, you usually you have a map pack in here, which is really important to have as well, different strategies that you can use to really help ranking with maps.



So content syndication is definitely the the thing that you want to be focusing on in 2021, for sure.



And again, you have these high domain authority, new sites that have these backlinks going back to your website, right.



And here’s real results, it really does work, right 352 Plus, changes in rankings, right new keywords, added new suggestions of this page kind of stone out through the internet that shows up right, then you start getting a lot more rankings on Google.



So on page SEO, right, you want to have a service for every service or a page for every service that you provide. In all of the main cities that you serve.



You want to optimize your titles, h1, URLs, images, you want to add unique content for all your pages. And then when it comes to Google My Business you want to claim and optimize your Google My Business listing, you want to add yourself to Yes, and some other citation management platforms, you want to add yourself to major data aggregators, so that you can push out all of your information through API’s.



And then, of course, you want to put systems in place for getting online reviews. And you want to do this on an ongoing basis, right, consistently doing it every single month, the more you do it, the stronger your brand will be online, right.



Again, same with ongoing content with blogs, you want to push new blog posts out, and you want to syndicate that out with a signal engine, so you can get on these news channels and different things like that.



And that will make Google’s algorithm happy they eat platform, right, the eat algorithm will be, you’re going to fall into that category. And if you do that, you’re going to start starting to see a lot of rankings, right?



Again, you want to have multiple do follow links back to the clients website, Google My Business listing internal pages and client sites, you want to have multiple map embeds as well. So this is a really important strategy as well.



You have your Google My Business listing, you have your maps, but if there’s areas that you want to serve, and there’s areas that you do serve, you can take that map and embed it onto that either that location page or a blog article, or whatever it is that you want to rank for in that area, right. And then of course, fresh content on the client side.



So that’s basically it. As far as Google My Business. I mean, a lot of this stuff, isn’t old news, or isn’t brand new information. It’s it’s been around for a while, there’s a lot of things that do that do want one of the biggest things is, is you know, is Google going to be charging for Google My Business coming up in the future, right? Well, let’s keep our eyes open and see. Personally, I think it’s a good idea. I really think that it’ll help eliminate a lot of that spammy, those spammy listings that have been going on. But if you really want to have us kind of do a quick report with you, we can certainly do that. Just give us a call at the office 844-234-5736. What we’ll do is we’ll just do some research for you, we’ll create an analysis of your online visibility, create a custom keyword list of important search terms, give you a ranking report showing where you are currently, if you use that scan tool as well, that I told you about it’ll, it’ll provide you basically everything that that I’m talking about here as well.



And we can basically do an A complete analysis of your business online. So give me a call at the office. If you want a 4423457



Three, six. Another way that you can do this is you can actually go into landscaper marketers.com, where you land here. And basically you can just book a call here.



Fill out your information on the side, and then you can actually book a time that’s convenient for you. Because it’ll take you to a calendar page.



And that’s basically everything there is with this webinar. So if there isn’t any questions in chat here, so I’ve been trying to man these two channels here. I don’t see.



No, it looks good. They’re perfect.



All right. Well, thank you again, for watching this webinar. I hope you got some value out of it. I know some of it’s a little bit technical and confusing. Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you really want to get some more information on as to how to rank your business on Google My Business. And we’ll just go from there. All right. Thanks again, and we’ll talk to you later.

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