2021 Internet Marketing Plan



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So let me know in chat if you can, if you can hear me, okay. Awesome. Okay. Great. Yes, it’s gonna be good. It’ll be fun. Were you able to get the workbook downloaded off that link? If not, I can. I’ll get that out there to you. You would have gotten it in an email. But I’ll post the link here shortly. We’ll get into that.



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So where are you from? Josh? Joshua? Oh, yeah, nice. Tampa, Florida, hey, you run a different landscaping or lawn care business.



Nice. got to start somewhere. This will be this will be helpful then for you for sure.



So you know, what I’m going to do is, I’ll just get started kind of talking a little bit about what we’re going to be doing in this thing. So we’re going to be probably getting into this for about 60 minutes to 90 minutes. It really depends how many people show up. I’ve done this webinar once already. So we may have had, you know, there was some people that showed up for that one. So it might be a small crowd today. But definitely stick around. Because it’ll be definitely helpful. So I’m just going to go ahead and get started. I’ll try to go slow in the beginning here just to allow people to kind of trickle in, it is only just one minute after driving right now, yeah, that’s not a problem. Definitely, definitely don’t reply, while you’re driving, I would hate to see something bad happen to you on my account. But if you can hear me, that’ll be good, there’s gonna be a replay as well. So there’s gonna be some links that you can, you can follow. And you can definitely click those links, and you can, you know, use that stuff. And definitely, highly recommend going through it going through the material. And just kind of going through it all step by step. So you can really start 2021 off that off to a good start. So we’ve got another one, Jen, how are you today? We might not get a lot of people on this webinar, because we I’ve already done this once. So I wanted to do it one more time before 2021 hits, before everyone leaves on holidays, and just kind of get everyone feeling right about 2021. So what we’re going to cover is a few things. We’re going to set goals for 2021, we’re going to figure out how many leads, you need to hit your target. But that’s just at the basic level, obviously, we know that we need to hit our targets. And we have ideas and revenue structures in mind, but we don’t know may not know how to get those leads, or how much they cost and all that kind of different kind of stuff. So then we’re going to talk about the three fundamentals of marketing success, and how to optimize your website for conversion in 2021 and beyond. And then we’re going to kind of look at the big picture of all online marketing channels that you should be tapping into to really maximize your lead flow online. And then we’re going to do a quick summary of some of the latest trends that you might want to focus on in 2021. And then develop a custom action plan based on where you are now and what you need to do now to get there. So Does that kind of make sense so far, you kind of with me on that. The some of the things that you think that you could really utilize.



All right. So a couple housekeeping rules. Obviously if you’re driving, be safe, do not text or even, you know, hold the if you can help it, if you can listen to me, that’s great. But if you’re, if you’re at your, at your desk, you know, turn off your cell phones, turn off that Facebook tab. You know, if you if you are in the lawncare and landscaping business, and you’re you’re really serious about getting really good results for 2021, the next 60 to 90 minutes can definitely, definitely impact that. So we’re all here together, let’s focus on this for the next 60 minutes. And really just kind of hone in on how we can make this strategy work for you. And if you stay to the end, there’s going to be a couple of gifts I’m going to give to you, it’s going to be a digital marketing checklist, you’re basically just going to go through the checklist one by one with your business and your marketing team. And just figure out if all of those strategies have been implemented in your business and what what hasn’t been implemented and really help you kind of keep a guide on where you’re going. And then the other thing I’m going to give you is the 50 most commonly searched keywords for lawn care and for landscaping. So if you’re a landscaping business, and you do both, then you get 100 keywords. So stick to the end, and I’ll give you that as well. So who am I? And why should you listen to me. I’ve been in the marketing space for about six years. Before that I was a owner of a service business to service businesses, I had a window cleaning gutter cleaning pressure washing business, and I had a Christmas light company as well. So before I sold those companies to my competitors, I automated them, right, I set it all up so that it was super, super simple to run. And it was easy to sell. Right? Not saying that that’s the solution for everyone. But it was a good solution for me. And it worked really well. And so what I decided to do is I really love digital marketing, I love the human psychology and I really wanted to dive into that 100% give 100% of my time to it. And I chose the line lawncare and landscaping business niche because I really love the environment. I love nature and love outdoors. And I just really love seeing the results that come out of landscaping and lawn care. And it just really, I really was gravitated toward it right. So. So that’s kind of why I decided to go on that route. And we work exclusively with successful lawn care and landscaping businesses across the US and Canada. And we know it works to generate a flood of new business. also working on a new book called the lawn care and landscape contractors digital marketing blueprint. And that should be out spring 2021. So if you want that book, you want a copy of it, let me know after the webinar, just shoot me a message on Facebook if you want. Or you can just put a message here in chat with your email address. And then I’ll get all your details. And I’ll get that sent out to you free of charge no shipping costs or



anything like that.



Alright, so let’s get started.



So the



hardest question is, the hardest part is about marketing. Right? What is the hardest part about your marketing, marketing and land lawn care and landscaping business online? Obviously, I know, Josh, you’re not going to be able to chat that in here. But feel free to chime in. If you want to unmute you can let us know what you think the hardest part is? Jen, if you’re still there with me, you know, let me know in chat, if that’s something that you know, if you if you kind of have an idea of what the hardest part is, definitely feel free to let me know in chat what that is. If you’re not comfortable with it, that’s totally fine as well.



Nothing. All right, that’s okay. So what we’re gonna do is download the workbook. Because we’re going to dive into this, we’re going to go pen and paper. And we’re really going to kind of break down some of the strategies and really put things out of your mind and on paper to really help you get moving forward to hit your targets. So download this, it’s landscaper marketers.com forward slash workbook, you should end up on a page like this. And you’ll have two documents there one is going to be a worksheet that we’re going to go over. And the other one is the actual workbook here, this workbook is going to have a bunch of stuff in here, we’re going to go through it, we won’t go through everything, you can take some of this along with you with your team and kind of go over some of this stuff. But if you follow this, it’ll really help you streamline your your strategy for 2021. So go ahead and download that we’re gonna walk through that step by step and go from there. So the real question here is, you know, why are we here? Right? What Why? Why do we decided to spend this time to, you know, sit through this webinar and figure out what’s going on? You know, you know, that’s a big question to ask, feel free to put it in chat if you want. But, you know, obviously one of the biggest reasons that is just there’s so many unclear concepts, it’s so many options. Don’t know where to spend your budget. Sometimes there’s a lot of concern about you know, you’re going over your budget or you’re spending too much in marketing, or even worse, not enough, but you know, it’s one of the biggest investments that you can have for your business, whether it’s offline marketing, using postcards, whether it’s using lawn signs, door hangers, whatever it might be. And then of course, you have your digital marketing, it’s one of the biggest investments you can have for your business. And so one of the biggest issues, you know, is, by the time it’s all said and done, you don’t have anything profitable, right, you may have gotten leads, you may have gotten a lot of customers coming in, but when the month end comes in, it looks like you’re not profitable, you’re not going to be able to scale with that level, right? You know, by the time you work in your gas, and your payroll, and sure insurance, and workers compensation, all these different things come into play, it just ends up being not even worth it. So even worse than that, is not having or putting enough into marketing, as well, right? There’s got to be a common ground, because you want to still stay busy, because one of the other major expenses in your business is employees, right? You know, not having good quality workers can be detrimental to your business, right? You know, it costs a lot of money to train them. But if you have any player or a players, you want to make sure that they are busy on an ongoing basis. So that can be a really big impact on your business as well. So there’s a lot of opportunities. But when you have a clear plan with goals, targets and KPIs, you’ll generate enough leads to hit your targets and keep your trucks running, right. And then of course, that’s the idea, we want to have a good return on investment, right? So when you have that strategy in place, you figure out all these different things, then you’re going to be able to maximize your lead flow and really hit your goals. So that’s what we’re gonna talk about. First, we’re going to talk about hitting your goals, right? How to set these clear goals.






open your book to pretty much the first page here, we’re going to go over this one here and shortly. But really, the question is, what are your goals for 2021? Right? Success is goals. All else is commentary. So this is this was said by Brian Tracy, he’s a really good author. Not sure if you guys have heard of him, but he writes a lot of books about goals, a lot of books about sales. And you know, really the point of this, this comment is, there’s a lot of things that happen in business, right? You can have staff that are constantly a distraction it and not necessarily negative way, it’s just there’s a lot of things going on at multiple times, that can really pull you away from you know, your target and what you want to do. So as long as you have goals, and you have this put in place, you know that that won’t sway your business, right? Everything else at that point is is commentary. So not having any goals, not having a clear line of sight is just like a sailboat. Right? Just out in the water, there’s no wind, you have no momentum, and you don’t have any direction at all whatsoever. But once you put down the goals on paper, and you really come up with a strategy where you can reverse engineer everything, then you start gaining momentum, you’re able to stay on track, and you’re able to put wind in your sails to grab that momentum. There was actually a Harvard study. I’m not sure if you guys heard of it. But there was an interview where they interviewed grads in 1979. About Do they have clear goals for their life? 84% No said no specific goals. 13% had goals but not written down. And 3% had clear written goals and plans to accomplish them. So the results were 13% of the class who had goals were earning on average twice as much as the 84%, who had no goals at all. Right. So even more staggering. The 3%, who had clear written goals were on average 10 times as much as the other 97%. Altogether, right. So that’s how much they’re earning. So it just really kind of shows that putting goals, you can have goals in your head, oh, I want to hit you know, 2 million next year, right? Or I want to hit 800,000 next year, well, it’s fine that you have that in your head. But how do you plan to get there, right, if you don’t have that you’re never going to get there. So you need to have written goals and plans. And then you need to need to set out a minimum stopping points throughout the year. So you have your goal, you want to hit 2 million, or 1.5 million at the end of 2021. But at the minimum, you want to have a one year goal. You want to have quarterly goals so that you can reflect back and figure out what’s working and what’s not working. And then of course you want to have monthly goals. And even more than that, once you have that all figured out. You can even get even more granular and go by the day, right? How much revenue does my company need to make every single day to be a profitable business and to hit my target, right? So you must have stopping points. Okay, sounds good. There’ll be a replay I’ll send it out to you. So you must have stopping points at the beginning of Each new year, and each quarter to reflect how you did based on what your your goals were, and what you’re going to do going forward. Alright, so there’s a, there was another guy that you know if you’ve ever heard him Zig Ziglar, he says the same thing, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else. So you have to have goals. Right? So what’s your revenue target?



How much is that monthly? How many book jobs will that require? And what is your average customer value, right? So these are very important metrics to figure out. Now, if you’re, if you’re just starting out, still trying to figure things out. You know, it’s always good to ask in your community, ask other people who are owners of landscaping or lawn care businesses to really kind of nail that down. But, you know, we’ll kind of go through that, right. So here’s a perfect example. So if you have a revenue target of 1.5 million, what you want to do is you just want to break that down over 12 months. Now, granted, depending on the area of the country that you live in, if you live in Tampa, Florida, you’re probably going to have a more consistent, you know, reoccurring revenue model for your business, depending on what it is that you do. So if you do lawn care, chances are, you can really replace some of the other things throughout the year to really keep your business moving steady. If you’re up in, in the northern areas where you get snow, and there’s a lot more extreme climates, then, you know, you might need to diversify into snow removal and ice, ice removal and Christmas light installations. So, for this exercise, though, we’re just going to assume that it’s pretty much all the same across the board just to make things easier, and for the sake of time as well. So let’s say your average customer, and I know this is low, but let’s say your average customer value is $405. Typically, for lawn care what you want to do, obviously, you know, when you’re mowing lawns, you’re either billing on an on an ongoing basis. So if you mow the lawn every week, you might be sending out an invoice every week. Or maybe you send an invoice every month. Either way, you want to calculate the entire year as one customer value. amount, right. So if you’re $40 a week, $160 a month, let’s say 10 months, 16 $100 would be the customer value that you’d want to look at, in this case, right just to kind of keep things working properly. So how many book jobs would that require? So in this case, in this example, it requires 300 booked jobs every single month in order to hit 125,000. So then, from this point, what we want to do is we want to figure out your average conversion rate from color to book jobs. So what that means is, there’s going to be a lot of calls that come in, but the ones that you really want to focus on are the ones who requested estimates, right? So they requested estimates, or maybe they filled out a form on your website. How many of those were you did estimates, turned into customers? What percentage is that, and that’s pretty straightforward. You know, if you’re already, you know, running pretty good, and you know what your conversion rate is, then basically, you’re just going to divide your total revenue, or your total customers for the month divided by the amount of estimates that you send out every month, and that’ll give you your conversion rate. So does that make sense? So far? Am I am I kind of, are you getting what I’m throwing down? So how many leads are you going to need? So let’s say in this example, then we’re going to go with 55%, right? So your conversion rates 55%. That means you’re going to need 560 leads every month. So in order to get 308 book jobs, you need 560 leads every single month. So again, we’re gonna go into the spreadsheet real quick, just to kind of show you an example of what I mean.



Did I delete that here, hold on.



Let me bring this down here for a second. We’re going to pull up the worksheet that was in that folder as well. And this is really, really helpful, because now you can actually instead of having it just in the workbook, now you actually have a spreadsheet that you can actually input these numbers in. So if you already have kind of a goal in mind of the kind of revenue that you want to hit, if you’re if you’re only at 100,000 or 200,000 a year, and you want to hit a million lots next year, well, let’s not throw a pie in the sky, right? Let’s be realistic about where you want to go. If you’re a $500,000 a year, you know, lawncare company, you know, maybe shoot for 750, right? Something like that. And then that way, you know you’re not going to be disappointed when you’re not hitting these targets. You want to be realistic, first be conservative, so that you’re going to be you know, hitting your targets and then some right. So what you’d want to do in this case, in this case, as the example we went through, go to the worksheet, and you can just type in 1.5 million, right. That’s going to give us our annual revenue. Her monthly revenue of 125,000. And then of course, your average ticket value is $405. So how many book jobs would that require? We already know that’s 309. So we just basically all you do is you put in your conversion rate right there, it’s going to spit out everything, you really only have to put in your revenue for the year, what’s your average ticket is and what your conversion rate is, and then it spits everything out. So at the bottom, you’ll see, there’s a couple of metrics that you want to follow. So this is going to be your average cost per generated lead. In this case, I’m just using an example of 40. I’ve seen anywhere from $18, all the way up to $100. It really depends on what it is that you’re doing. And it also depends on your market. So in this case, we just did a blended average of $40. And of course, this is going to tell you, this is how much budget of ad spend, marketing, digital marketing, offline marketing, all of the marketing in general, is how much you’re going to spend every single month in order to hit that goal, right based on your $40 lead cost.



So I hope that makes sense, because you can really play with this and really kind of put it in, you know, what works for you and your business. A couple other things, if you go to the next tab under budget allocations, you can go even further than this, and you can put in your projected revenue. And then below that, this is going to kind of give you a guide as to what your marketing budgets should be, right. 8% is the rule of thumb, when it comes to marketing online, or any kind of marketing to really grow your business. If you go any less than that, then you really put yourself at risk to not hit your target. A lot of bigger businesses that you know that 5 million to 10 million, they can go lower because they’ve already scaled right. And a three minute and you know a 3% budget on $10 million in revenue is a lot of money. So chances are, they’re gonna be okay in that situation. But if you’re, you know, still really wanting to scale and move to that next level, you might want to look at, you know, around the 10%, if you really want to get aggressive 15 would be the highest that I would recommend. So in this case, we’re going to use 10%. And basically what it’ll do is it’ll tell you what your average monthly ad spend budget should be right. And then what it does is it’ll break it down depending on your needs. And depending on what you’ve used in the past, if you’re just starting out, or you’re just kind of, you know, wanting to grow your business, obviously, digital marketing is going to be a good approach to take, you know, you want to move into the 70 80% of all your marketing, if not more, right just to get things moving, just to get things rolling. And then once you start getting a lot more profit coming into your bank account, you have extra money to spend, you can invest in all the offline marketing tactics. But typically, this is what we see is a 70% for online marketing. Offline is 20. And then, of course, you want to allocate some for repeat business, whether it’s sending gift baskets, or brownies, or thank you cards or Christmas cards, referral rewards all these different things, right, you want to allocate some money for that. And then of course, you can take this and make a calendar out of it, it’ll you can break it all down, it’ll tell you every single month, what works, you know what, how much you need to spend on all these different avenues. Of course in here you’d want to this is where you want to kind of go with the ebbs and flow of your business. Right, if you know that, April, May, June is going to be your peak period for springtime, you got your spring cleanup, you have sod installation, you have all these different things that you do, then you’re going to want to amp that up a little bit, right, probably want to go a lot lower in January, same with maybe mid December, right? That kind of thing. And then of course below that, you don’t necessarily have to worry about the digital marketing area right now, that’s just put it there, just you know, if you’re ever crunching numbers, and you want to figure out how to make this work for yourself, you can really figure that out in there. And then of course, you can break it down even by section for for every single month. So that gives you a really good idea as to what your budget will be. And then of course, here’s a little calculator in here where you can actually separate all of your services. And then of course, you have all the all the different marketing channels that you can tap into. You can you know, in every marketing channels different, you know, if you use homeadvisor, that’s one lead cost. If you use Facebook ads, well, that can be multiple Facebook, or multiple lead costs, depending on what you’re doing. Same with Google ads, right? different different things, different different recipes, means that you’re going to have a different kind of food, right? So typically just take a blended average of what those are. And that will kind of help you gauge as to how much it’s going to cost you for every every lead. And then of course below that you can figure out what your transaction value is by industry, right. All right. And then of course, I’m not going to get into this right now at the moment. But you know, we can get into that a little bit later. We can go even further than that, to really get deep on this where you can go every single month and create topics, right? What are we going to talk about a lot of these topics can be both services, right? Most of them should be about services, but then you can kind of get deeper on that and you can send a monthly email out, right. Make it all very good. concurrent with each other. So that’s kind of what that worksheet is, what I’d recommend is, when you take the worksheet, click File, and make a copy of it, once you make a copy of it, then you have your own version of it and it’s on, it’s all yours, it’s secure, it’s anonymous, no one’s ever going to see that it’s going to be your own version of it. So make a copy of that, and then you can play around however you want. Alright,



so moving on.



So what is your goal for 2021? How many leads? Will you need monthly to get there? Right? Those are the two most important questions that you need to ask yourself.



All right.



All right. So think about that, you know, put it down, put it in the workbook, this will give you a really good idea plus the other worksheet, you can do that as well. And then now we’re going to basically talk about the next thing, which is basically a three month fundamentals of marketing success.



One of the and basically, the three fundamentals are this, you need to know who your audience is, you need to know who your customers are, so that you can create a good message that you can send it out to, and then you need to figure out how you’re going to get the message across. That’s it. So you need to figure out who your market is, what the message is, and how you’re going to deliver it to them. So that’s what our next topic is gonna be talking about, we’re going to talk about how to craft your message. But first, we need to figure out who your ideal customer is. So this is you’ve probably heard this term before avatar, who is your ideal customer avatar. Now, a lot of times we kind of fall flat on our face when it comes to dealing with trying to figure this out, because there’s so many different customers out there, why not just advertise all of them, you can do that. And that’s definitely a way that a lot of people do. But then your chances of really getting a low quality lead source, getting the quality leads that we all want and desire, kind of end up, you know, falling through the cracks, because we’re trying to cast a wide net to everyone, well, if you can really figure out and I always recommend maybe three custom, ideal customer avatars, because we obviously know that the message is going to be different from somebody who’s from the age of 34, to 55, or 45, than it would be from somebody who’s over the age of 60, right? They might have different needs, fears, desires. And that’s kind of what this customer avatar is all about. You want to be able to break it down as much as you can. And that’s why there’s an example in the workbook as well that you can follow. You want to break it down as much as you can, so that you can craft a message. If you have the right message, you’re going to be able to get it across to them, right. So here’s a perfect example. This one here, this customer avatar, here’s the demographics, they’re a homeowner, they’re over the age of 35, typically female or occasionally male, married with two to three kids head of the household. 65,000 a year in annual income, they’re family oriented, reliable, easily frustrated, likes to please people and expects the same in return. Not handy, likes gardening, crafting arts, lives in the suburbs, upper middle class neighborhood takes an interest in that community. So moving on from there, then we really have to think about this. People buy from two reasons they buy because they want to run away from their fear, or frustrations, or they run towards pleasure, or desire. So there’s only if you can create a message that will compute on either of those levels, then you’re going to have a better message and you’re going to be able to sell better, right? So here’s an example of some pains and frustrations doesn’t have a green thumb, can’t get a landscaping company on the phone or return your call. That’s a big important one. They need to get their landscaping issue resolved. Right? Or maybe they’re just too busy to deal with it on their own. They can’t get creative enough to make a plan and and need help, right? I know I myself have these great ideas, but I don’t know what where the trees should be or where the plan should be. If I plant a plant over there, because I think it looks good, it will probably die. Having somebody who’s the expert can give me those pointers, right can give me that that much desired advice that I need, especially if I’m putting out a lot of money. And then another big one is they don’t have the tools or equipment to do the job right. Maybe I have to rent a sod cutter maybe I have to, you know rent some kind of riding lawnmower that you know is really expensive and I don’t know how to use it. Right? Those are things that people think about when it comes to their projects. Can I do it myself first? Right? If not, how am I going to solve this right?



And then of course, they have their fears implications right being ripped off overcharged, paying too much for something that they could have gone elsewhere for less right. Having home or property damaged by faulty workmanship having to wait around for workers to arrive being inconvenienced trying to coordinate with the Office may cause a disaster on the property. And the bill will be more than they can afford and what was agreed on, right. So these are things that I’m sure you know, you’re a consumer as well, I’m sure these are things that you thought about or felt as well when it comes to making a buying decision. While these people are people, we’re all people. And at the end, if we can kind of get into their minds and figure out what it is that they’re feeling, when it comes to buying from you, you’re going to have a higher chance of success. And you’re going to have a higher close rate, right. And then of course, goals and desires, right? Get the landscaping done before summer, so that they can enjoy their outdoors outside in the summer. Right. Having the issue behind them, they don’t want to deal with it anymore. Maybe it’s an ongoing thing they’ve been dealing with for a long time. Maybe they’ve had other landscapers in there, and they did a terrible job. And now it’s just a nightmare. And they want it over right. Having a well kept home, taking care of their family, more income, money, wealth course, live in a nicer, nicer, more luxurious home, driving a nice car. Kids are happy, happy, sort of healthy, happy and successful. Spend more time with family, traveling fun with family respect, and approval of friends, family relatives, and this is a big one peace of mind, right? So if you can see Joe Jones through Joe Jones eyes, then you can sell what Joe Jones buys, Say that three times. But it’s really true, though, right? It’s if you can get into the mind, and see what the customer sees, feel what the customer feels, then you’ll know exactly how to sell your services to them. Right. So that’s, that’s the avatar, that’s the market. That’s who now that we know, all of that stuff, we can create a message, right? We can craft craft the perfect message. So in the workbook, there is a section there where you can write down some ideas about about your business. You know, why should someone choose to do business with you? versus your competition? Right? So there’s a section up here that you can look at, write down three, three reasons why someone should choose you versus your competition. And don’t just put in while we were insured. We’re a family owned, veteran owned, right? Those are very common, and they’re implied in a lot of cases, right? You better have insurance, write your check technicians better be trained. But it does still help. If you don’t use it, definitely put it in there. Right. And we’ll go through that. I’ll give you some examples. And some of them are that. But you know, you want to try to figure out and get really good at this right figure out something that you could offer your customers write that are different from your competition. Yes, there will be a replay. I’ll send it to you as well. Definitely. So What benefits do you offer that your target customer avatar will resonate, resonate with? Right, you can come up with some benefits that your target customer avatar will resonate with, right. And so here’s some examples. Here’s some messaging that works in the past, some things that work really, really well. Same day service, emergency services, 24 hour service or on time service. I know in lawn care and landscaping on time services a really good one. Maybe emergency services are good if you do a lot of sprinklers, right, things like that irrigation. What about same day service? Well, that’s a good one for sod. sod installation can do same a service. Maybe lawn wine can be same day service, right? And so maintenance. So stuff like that. So straightforward pricing, upfront pricing, Satisfaction Guaranteed, trustworthy technicians, trusted technicians are experienced. So that’s that’s how you create a message. Right? So what is your message? What is some of the messages that you can get out to your to your prospects, right? So hopefully that makes sense. With that side of it. We’re going to go now into figuring out how to get this out to them, right? So you need to have a website that’s built to convert, right? That’s number one. You got to be able to



have this website. So it converts because there’s so many different channels that are out there, you have Facebook, you have Twitter, you have YouTube, you have all these things that you can tap into. But if you don’t have a website that they can resonate with, that can turn them into buyers, then all of this is futile, right? It’s for nothing. What’s the point, right? So you need to figure it out if your website is set up to convert visitors into collars. So here’s an example of one of my clients specialty landscaping okc.com. Go ahead and check him out. He’s got a website, you know, and it doesn’t have to be complicated, right? You just have to have the elements in there. That will turn them into into buyers. So you have your call to action on the right. You have a picture of the owner or maybe a team or some kind of work photo in the front and and A simple call to action, right? simply awesome call, simply awesome curb appeal, it just tells them that yeah, that’s what I want. That’s the status quo, I want to have my house look nice like that. So you know, it kind of they resonate with it right. And of course, as you scroll down the page, there’s a video introduction, you know, embedded with a YouTube video talking about the website talking about his business, and, you know, his shirts and stuff like that. So, here’s a little bit of an infographic that kind of talks a little bit about that. There are specific conventions that you need to follow. Sometimes I come across websites where, you know, you got a logo, it’s really big in the middle, and then you got all these things going on, big chunks of squares going down, and it’s supposed to be like a really nice design. Unfortunately, as pretty as what some websites can be, they still have the same problem. It’s not converting, it’s not converting, they’re not getting any customers, why aren’t they getting any customers? because well, we feel might be a correct way of doing things might not necessarily resonate with your customer. Right? So following the conventions of building a website in 2020, is extremely important. So do you have your call to action? On the right, do you have your phone number nice and big on the right? Can you identify with your business by having business photos on the header? Right? Is there a call to action? Is there trust icons, right? Is there a form for them to fill out? Is it easy for them to get in touch with you? Things like that? So here’s a here’s a here’s a list of different things that you can talk about, or trying to figure out for your website? Does it speak to your target avatar?






it address the fears and frustrations? and speak to why they should choose you? Right? Does it have authentic images of your team to the homepage and throughout the website? Right? Does it include video elements to your website? You know, because they have a welcome video videos for each of your services videos explaining why someone should contact you versus the competition, right? Does it show your online reviews? Do you have lots of honouring online reviews that you want to showcase? Well, you should have that embedded in your website, right? Lots of software programs out there that can do that. And again, does it make it easy for them to take action and to get in contact with your company. So if you get the basics in order to get the phone number in the right hand corner, ensure that there is a web form that customers can fill out, add some credibility, you know, are you are you? Are you with the Better Business Bureau? Right? Do you have some authority badges from Angie’s List, things like that? And then Are there any call to actions on each page that can speak to the customer? Right? Tell them what to do next. Right, that’s a big one, we may think that they know what to do, because we know our business best. But maybe somebody who’s never been through this process before doesn’t know what to do. So if you can put that out there as what to do next, then you’re going to have a high probability of converting them over. So there’s some ideas there for you. So, you know, pull up your website, you know, take a look at it, does it follow some of the conventions that we discussed? Right? Is it built to convert? What do you need to tweak? If you go to the workbook






there are some examples there that you can use, that will really help you kind of follow. So let’s just simply kind of just go through that, take a look at it. There’s some guidance here that can really help you kind of just follow that in, they’ll help you, right. bring that to your marketing team or somebody, whoever does your website stuff. And just give that to them and say, Look, I need this done. Because I promise you, if you follow those guidelines, you’re actually going to have a better chance of converting these customers. And that’s the biggest problem, right? There’s so many things going on in your business, the biggest marketing issue that face lawncare and landscaping, or any home service business is on unconverted leads, right? So any of the inbound, lead on the website end up? unconverted right 50% to 60% of inbound leads leave unconverted 90% of the web forms fail to convert, right? And why is that? Really, you know, what, what was causing this to happen? I mean, we feel like we’re doing all the things, right. But we’re still not getting them to buy from us. Right. So aside from the website, not answering the questions that they may have, or solving their problems, then there’s the actionable things that need to happen, right. So somebody fills out a form calls, the office leaves a message, whatever it might be, if there’s if they’re not getting a call back or reply back within at least 15 minutes, then they go cold, right? You need to have a system in place for that you need to be able to have automation in place to be able to kind of keep in contact with them on a regular basis, right from the start all the way to the end of the project, right? The average customer must be followed up with at least five to seven times even before scheduling the appointment. Right? So the other thing is today’s customers prefer to interact via text message as well. So versus phone call or email. So it’s a lot easier to just send a quick note quick message to somebody say hey, listen, John’s gonna be over at your place Friday with the team. We’re gonna do some your lawn maintenance. Friday at one PM, please reply back, let me know if that works for you or not. And if not, we can reschedule, whatever it might be, you can automate that stuff you have their CRM that you can use that can automate this process. So make it super simple. So here’s the solution. So like I said, you want to leverage marketing automation, lean on that as much as you can, you don’t want to lean on it all the way. Because you still want to have that personal touch. But definitely you want to lean on it, especially for the things that you don’t have time to do. Like when somebody leaves, wants to get an estimate, but it’s eight o’clock at night, right? Or what about if you’re, if you’re busy pushing the lawn more, or you’re all helping with a project or you’re in an excavator, and then somebody fills out a form on your website, the last thing you want to be doing is dealing with that. So if you, if you can lean on automation for that, and get in touch with them right away, you’re going to have a higher success rate, then you want to automate the follow up so that every prospect is touched at least five times, and you can engage on to a text messaging. So here’s some scary math for you. So this is what happens when you don’t have good automation, and you don’t have a good follow up system in place. Let’s say for this case, we have 100 leads that come into our inbox for the for the month, and we had a conversion rate of 20%. Because we don’t really have a good follow up, we might have the office girl call asked me a couple of questions. But you know, if somebody fills out a form, and they don’t get hear back from him three days, you know, the follow up isn’t working, right people have already moved on. If just because they fill out a form doesn’t mean that they’re going to buy from you. Right? It means that they filled out your form on your website, and then they go on to the next website, and then go on to the next website. And they do that because they’ve already been programmed by your industry. if everyone’s doing the same thing, not responding back to them, then they’re accustomed to that. And they’re going to go on to the next competitor, right until they get what they need. So thinking about that, and making sure that that’s in place is very important. But for this exercise, you’re not doing that. So you got 20 bucks, 20 jobs booked and your average ticket $650. So out of 100 leads, you’ve made 13 grand, well, if at a minimum your lead cost is $40, you’ve spent $4,000 to make $13,000. What if these were one off projects is that profitable? It’s definitely not profitable, right. And so if you can increase your increase your conversion rate by automating your follow up improving your follow up sequences, really getting granular and detailed with that and making that really stick out for your business, not only you’re going to separate yourself from your competition, but you’re going to have a very, very profitable campaign.



So it’s up to you, you know, you can make every lead you generate more valuable, I tell my clients this all the time, you know, you paid for that lead. So it’s really up to you how you want to get that lead, right how you want to turn that lead into a customer, there’s going to be a lot that don’t buy from you. And they only buy because they know like and trust. So if we haven’t followed those three protocols in order to turn them into a customer, chances are they’re not going to buy from you, right. But there’s still going to be customers that just simply aren’t ready, like they thought they were right. Or maybe there was a lot more than they ever anticipated. So there’s going to be some variables in there, right. But for the ones that are ready to buy, then that’s up to you to make sure that you’re on top of that, right. So let’s implement this in your business. Let’s really take that to the next level so that you can really grow your business. Because one of the big things that you know, it’s really hard to hard to really grasp, but it’s very, very important is the fact that you can spend the same amount of revenue or same amount for your budget for one year at a 20%, close rate, and then increase your close rate for the next year and not have to spend any more on marketing, right, and be extremely profitable. So hope that makes sense. So what are the three conversion elements that you can implement on your website? I believe there is a section in the workbook here that you can go to that can really, so you can write down. And you can talk about that with your team. All right. So what did you learn? What did you notice? And what would you like to share? If there’s anything that you’d like to leave in chat? That would be great. Just put it in the chat there. Understand? I totally understand if you’re not comfortable doing that. Or if you’re driving, you can’t do it. Go ahead. And you know, don’t be on your phone while you’re driving. Right. So the next thing is to know and track your KPIs. Right. One of the things that you can do, there’s lots of software out there, you can use air table, you can use different things. You can use agency analytics, pop out your data, and create a simple dashboard, right, a simple dashboard that can help you stay on track every single month. In fact, I’ve seen companies they actually have this posted up on their, on their wall with a TV saying, Hey, this is where we’re at, this is how much further we need to go to hit our target. And it creates a culture for your business to everyone’s involved, everyone knows what’s going on, and they’re gonna want to help, right? They work for you. So they’re going to go to bat for you. Definitely, KPIs are the most important metric. Because if you don’t have a strategy, where you can track everything, especially with digital marketing, and actually even some like offline marketing, like lawn signs, postcards, and let’s say, door hangers, you can, you can have a trackable number that you can put in there where you can track it. But if you don’t have any of that in place, you’re never going to be able to figure out where this is all coming from so that you can double down on it and scale, right. So definitely have a track KPI tracking board in place. All right, so some of the key trends for 2021 is a lot of people are shifting from phone calls to text messages. So definitely have your have your company set up so that your CRM sends out automated text messages to your customers so that they know what’s going on on an ongoing basis. And they must have all an all in perspective, right? Be open minded, right? Be open minded to this. There’s so many channels and opportunities that you could tap into. And I know that we live in an age where there’s so much distraction, so many things going on. And maybe to some degree, we might even think you know what, I don’t need Facebook for my business. I don’t believe in it. You know, it’s not for me, Well, whatever our ideology, ideology is, when it when it comes to that kind of stuff, when it comes to social social media, it’s really irrelevant, because you know, our society is going to move forward, technology is only going to get better and better and better. This isn’t going anywhere. So the sooner that the sooner we adapt to it, the better it is going to be for our own business, right. So just keep that in mind. Another one is omnipresent retargeting, right, being everywhere that your customers are, you know, and maybe in some cases, you see my email come out to invite you to the webinar. And then you saw me on Facebook, right? And then you saw me with something else that I was talking about. Now, I’m everywhere. Now I’m noticeable. So whenever you decide to make a buying decision on hiring landscape marketers for your digital marketing, you know, chances are, it’s because that’s all you see, right? That’s what you want to do for your clients, you want to be in front of them at all times, so that they don’t have any reason to go to your competition, right. So that’s basically how that goes. And then of course, you want to build your plan for 2021. So this



is what I call the landscaper marketers accelerator. We use this for our clients on an ongoing basis, depending on the affordability of what your budget is, some of it is included, some of it isn’t. But as a whole, this is what we do. So we start with a converting website, we talked about that, we talked about how to have a website that’s built to convert. So we start with that as your foundation so that we can get that built out and to be strong, right. And then the next thing we do is we build out an SEO strategy so that we can get you ranked on the first page, hopefully the first top three, three in Google, right, top three listings. And then while that’s happening, we’re going to send out ads using Google and Facebook for retargeting, and even Facebook ads to send out to all of these people in your neighborhoods, and just kind of get get in front of your customer that way. Then with that, we’re going to create an online strategy where we can send out reviews to all of your existing customer base, and any new customers that end up paying an invoice, they pay an invoice, they get an A review sequence, asking for a review. And then the snowball effect starts to happen when people start seeing more reviews on your business online, they’re going to want to deal with you, they’re also going to want to leave a review that becomes this thing and just starts to snowball, right? I’ve seen clients go from seven reviews to over 300 within a period of a year, right. So having that implemented in your business can be massive, right. And then the next thing we do is we will help set up a nurture campaign, we’ll set up many email automations and sequences happening in your own CRM even which will basically trigger we can send out a newsletter every single month, kind of keeping Top of Mind, it doesn’t have to be about your services, it can be topics on things that they can do to winterize your home or some spring cleanup ideas.



Here’s an article that you saw that you liked, and you wanted to share it with your with your audience. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? The point of this is to be top of mind so that when they are ready to buy, they’re gonna buy from you, right? And the same goes with your follow up, right? What’s your follow up, like from the very point that they’ve had their first contact with you all the way to the very end, right? This is all part of the nurture, we always end up finding that we’re chasing, chasing new business on an ongoing basis and forgetting about the customers from three years ago that we’ve already paid for. Right? So get them back into the loop and get them ready to buy right. And then of course social media beyond the present be everywhere. Making polls consistently two or three times a week at minimum. And just do that through all your major channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then with all that said, you want to track everything right? You want to know where all your customers are coming from what’s working, what’s not, you’re going to get customers who post a comment on a post, hey, I really like to post, I’d like to get an estimate, right? All these different things happen, right? And you want to be able to track all of that the phone calls coming in, we can record the phone calls, how is the phone being answered? Is it being answered in the right way? What are the customers saying? Right? What are their problems that they’re always constantly asking about talking about. So those are very effective things, very effective tools that you can use. And that’s basically how we deliver our services to our lawn care and landscaping clients as well. So here’s a perfect example, this customer was, or this client is still our client. And when he came to us, he he’s not a million dollar business by any means. But you know, he’s, he’s really growing growing well. But when he came to us, he was he did about 172 leads in April 2019 to June, over a 90 day period, which didn’t seem too bad, but it certainly was not enough, right to keep that growth going. So when he joined us, we did some SEO started with the SEO, did some Google ads and everything. And then he all of a sudden started to get a lot more leads coming in 386 leaves almost doubling his business in a 90 day period. So he’s in South Oklahoma City serves the Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. He’s full service, landscaping, landscape maintenance, and lawn care company mostly focuses on the lawn care and landscape maintenance. And that’s what we did, we built a website that’s built to convert proactive SEO every single month, constantly optimizing his SEO so that he stays in the rankings, and focus on online reviews and reputation, and have a very good strategic PPC campaign, and social media as well. So here’s a perfect example of what happened with his website. And when he came, he was still kind of ranking, he had a little bit of a foundation involved. And in for us, we’re like, Well, you know, you might think you’re ranking doing well, but it’s not converting what’s going on. The problem is, is that you might be ranking when you type in landscaping in your area. But what about mulching services? What about landscape maintenance? What about commercial landscape maintenance? What about all these different sub services that you provide? You need to build out pages for every single one of those so that when someone does type in a service, which is the actual service that they’re looking for, you’re going to show up. So if somebody needs bush trimming, they’re not going to type in landscaping, put it that way, right. So you want to have a bush trimming page. So that’s what we did. We built that out. And then we built out location pages for all the areas that he serves, right. So when that happened, his business exploded, right. So he, out of 50 keywords that we tested in 2019, and 2020, the same ones, he ended up getting 13 keywords at number one, position 14 at number two to 511, at six to 10 eight, we’re on the top of page two and four we’re on but we’re beyond that. So it’s still like an ongoing thing. But in comparison to 2019, we only had 10 total keywords that were ranking. Only three were in the number one position, it just goes to show that this stuff really works. So again, it just based on the landscape or accelerator system. And, you know, that’s kind of the way to do it. Right. So again, if you go to that sheet, you can see there, there’s a section there where you have a calendar where you can set up everything for your PPC campaigns, everything for your email, social media, come up with a strategy, come up with topics and services that you’re going to be offering in those specific months. And then you’ll find that everything kind of starts to fall into place, right? Everything becomes a lot easier to figure out, you’ve come up with your strategy for for your Google for your for your digital marketing, you’ve come up with your lead costs, how much revenue you’re going to make, how you’re going to get there, you’ve come up with your ideal customer, your message, how you’re going to deliver it. And now you’re just basically putting all the pieces into place.



So then all you have to do is press play and go. Right. So what are some of the top three internet marketing initiatives that you think you need to implement in 2021, in order to hit your goal, if you go into the workbook, there’ll be a section there and you can write that down. I’m not sure if you can see that. But it’s almost at the very end. Three questions there. Write that down, give you a couple minutes or 30 seconds on that for now. Of course you can take that to your team and you can talk about some of these marketing initiatives that you need to implement.



All right.



So what did you learn? What did you notice? And what would you like to share? If there’s anything that you’d like to share? I know some of you are kind of on the road. Feel free to put it in chat, let us know so that other people can look at it and see, you know, what kind of things are going on in their business. We all we’re all in this together, right? So if you feel like you want to share, go ahead. And if you like what you’re what you’re hearing, if you’re getting what I’m putting down, just put a one in chat, let me know. And you know, that’s for green. And if you’re kind of stuck on something, let me know. And we’ll go from there.



Good, good to go.



Good to go. Alright, so we’ve covered a lot, right. And I know I kind of went a little bit quickly, but you know, this is going to be a replay. So you can kind of look back and you can look at this, and kind of press pause and kind of write things down as you need. But we’ve set goals for 2021, how many leads to hit your target three fundamentals of marketing success, and how to optimize your website for conversion in 2021. and beyond. And, of course, the big picture of all the online marketing channels that you should be tapping into to maximize your lead flow online. And of course, we have the latest trends that you must be aware of in 2021. and develop a custom action plan based on where you are now and what you need to do to hit your target. So, as promised, there’s a checklist here for you, you can go to landscaper marketers.com for slash checklist, click that link. There’ll be a checklist there for you go through every section. And just kind of figure out you know, do I have a phone number in the top right corner of the page check, right? Am I using authentic images and videos on my website, maybe I should go take some pictures. And you go and you go take that make that happen, upload them to your website, check, right, different things like that, put this into place. And it’ll really benefit you. And it really help you move the needle forward, right. So go ahead and download that checklist. It is also in the workbook at the end there as well. But if you want to have a separate document for it, you can download it there. Here’s the other one landscaper marketers.com for slash top dash keywords, this will give you all the keywords that you need, you can take it to whoever is running your Google ads, whoever is doing your website in SEO, give it to them, tell them to work up some of the details in the website so that you can rank for all these different keywords, right. Some of them you might have to fix for yourself. But that gives you a really good idea of what you need to do in order to move forward. All right. So that’s it right at the end. Now, I know that there’s a lot that goes into this. And I know that you went through a lot, but there is a lot that has to do with that you get that goes into digital marketing that goes into marketing as a whole, right. So if you really just want somebody to do this for you, and you want to, you know, have somebody who can handle all that stuff so that you don’t have to deal with it, you know that you’re in good hands. And you know, maybe you’ve maybe you’ve had somebody that you’ve tried in the past and it didn’t work. But if you want to have a conversation about it, conversation about what you’ve tried in the past, where you are as it’s as your business sits today, and you know where you want to go in the future, I’d love to have a conversation with you can have a one on one chat with myself or someone on my team. We will talk for about 15 minutes figure out what’s going on. You can do that by calling 844-234-5736. The easiest way is to just go to landscape marketers.com for slash apply. Or if you just go to the website landscaper markers comm there’s a button at the top right hand corner, it’s the same thing, you can just click that and it’ll take you to a page where you can fill out some information about yourself and your business. And then it’ll take you to a calendar that you can book yourself on the calendar where it’s more convenient for you and then we’ll reach out to you and and we’ll have that conversation. Alright, well thank you for taking the time to watch this webinar. I hope you got some value out of it. I hope it really helped. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at any time, and we’ll just go from there. Alright, thanks again. We’ll talk to you later.

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