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how to optimize your website for online conversions. For maximum conversions and sales, I should say, thank you for taking the time to watch this, I really feel like if you really focus on this, it’s going to really drive a lot


traffic, turn them into customers. So this is a very good one, I’m really excited about it. And it’s basically, you know, ultimately, we’re going to be looking at, you know, what we do is we do a webinar every single month, and back in 2020, January of 2021. This year, we actually did a webinar based on your marketing plan, and what to put in place to really help hit your goals for the year. And so it’s all part of the landscaping marketing accelerator system that we use in our business, in our agency for our clients, where we basically, you know, take all of these elements, we start with the Foundation, which is building a high converting website, and we take all these elements and apply them in your business so that you can really take your lot your landscaping business to the next level. So glad you’re gonna be checking this out, because I really think you’re gonna get some value bombs out of this. It’s a really big deal. So as we go through the year, we’re going to be doing different topics as well. So next month, we’re going to be doing a different topic, it’s probably going to be on Google ads. I think, if I remember correctly. Last month, we did Google Maps. Before that we did SEO. And before that we did the marketing plan for the entire year. So stick around. If you’re going to be, you know, paying attention to this video, and you really want to learn a lot of what we’re throwing out to you, definitely you want to turn off your phones, or at least at the very least, put him on Do Not Disturb, right. That way, there’s no distractions, turn off your Facebook, obviously, in this situation, if your Facebook Live, don’t turn off your Facebook, because that’s not going to work for you. But if you’re in the webinar, definitely, you know, turn that tab off that way, there’s no distractions from getting the notifications. If you’re really serious about doubling or tripling the leads that you’re pulling in from, you know, to your landscaping website, then the next 16 minutes are definitely critical for your business. So who am I? And why should you listen to me, then in the internet marketing space for about six years, then previous owners of a small business, a service home service based businesses window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing business, and as well I own a Christmas light company as well with another partner, and completely automated those businesses before I exited all the way from them getting the leads coming into their you know, into your website all the way to book job, I’ve cut some customers I’ve never even met, right. So having that flow is really, really good. And it provided a lot of value for the for the new buyers that came in, they were really attracted to that. And it worked very well. So now, I only focus specifically with the lawn care, landscaping contractors, you know, across Canada and the US. And we have a specific system in place that really works. You know, and so we know how well it works to generate a flood of new business, as they say, you know, jack of all trades is a master of none. So, you know, we don’t go and help roofers, we don’t go and help plumbers, we don’t go and help painters, you know, we’re specifically lawn care and landscaping businesses. We feel like, you know, our system works really well for them. So that’s why we decided to go that route, we’re also working on a book that can really help you, you know, get a lot of traffic, get a lot of leads and more profit. And it’s called the lawn care, landscaping contractors digital marketing blueprint, it is still in production. So it should be done by the end of spring. So stick around for that if you want a copy of it, shoot me a message on Facebook, direct message if you like or message on the Facebook page, and you can send me your email address. And I can get that book sent out to you for free. So what is the one of the big problems that we’re dealing with, when it comes to online marketing is, you know, dealing with having to get all this money put into building a really good strong website. It’s it’s can be very stressful, right? There’s a lot that goes into it. And if you don’t have the right people in place, and you don’t have the right people building these websites, you just getting these fancy websites designed for you. You’re gonna have this problem where they’re not converting, and it’s not converting, but you put all this money into it. And crickets, right? You got the website built. Now nothing’s happening. What do you what do we do? Right? So that’s one of the biggest problems is you put a lot of money in marketing. And once if you do it right, that investment, you’re going to get a strong ROI. If it’s not done properly, you know, you’re going to have this website that’s built in. It’s really, really pretty and it looks really good, but you’re not getting enough leads generated, which means that you’re not getting that return on investment that you just put into it. And not only that, but you’re not going to have enough business generated From this websites, you’re going to have parked trucks, maybe even some empty schedules, and some a players that you’re trying to keep on, you know, they may be looking elsewhere for work, right. So you definitely don’t want to have that you want to have a really good strong website is the foundation of your business online, you want to have it that is built to convert. And, you know, ultimately, once you do that, you’re going to start to really see a really strong

turnaround, right? You want to have a built in a specific way, when it comes to websites and 2021, this specific conventions that you need to follow, right? You know, there are website designers out there that do a really good job. But they may not necessarily understand the concept of how a website converts. So that’s ideally what you want to do, right? You You want to have, you know, you’re putting all this marketing into into your business online, you have advertising coming in, let’s say you’re using Google Ads using Facebook ads and retargeting. Maybe you’re trying to get your website on the first page of Google and you’re trying to get up in the maps and three pack, then you have some social media posting, has somebody in the office work in the social media, and then maybe you have some content writers doing some content, sending out blogs, none of that means anything if the website doesn’t convert that traffic into customers, right? So ideally, that’s what you want, you want to have that consistent flow, you want to have people landing on your website and converting, right. And ultimately, at the end of the day, you’re going to start seeing a full schedule with trucks running, right. Which basically means momentum and a consistent growth strategy, right? You know, you don’t want to have this boat out in the ocean, where there’s no wind out your sails, and you’re not getting the momentum, you’re not getting that growth, right. So success is basically you’re getting those phones ringing, and trucks are running and the business is booming, right. Again, like, like I mentioned, you know, when you look at your website as a whole, it’s the hub of your business, right? I see a lot of backwards things that happen with websites, people land on the website, but then they have this big social media section where they should be sending them off social media. But ultimately, you want to have them come to the website and make a buying decision at that website. If you have a different strategy in place, that’s fine. Maybe you have dedicated landing pages, maybe you have a specific way of getting your customers to reach out with you or to you on social media, that’s fine. But really, at the end of the day, the websites, the hub, write everything in and out of that website, and ultimately will come back to the website. And so if you have strong conversion elements on that website, then it’s going to convert well, so why is it so important? Why is conversion so important? I mean, obviously, we already know that it’s important, right? Without traffic, I mean, you’re going to have tried to come to your website, but it’s not converting doesn’t mean anything. So here’s a perfect scenario, let’s say you get 500 visitors a month coming to your website, I mean, that’s a low amount, but let’s just say for this example, you know, and on average, you’re going to have a conversion rate of 5%. Okay, that means you’re gonna have 25 calls or leads coming into your office. And let’s say you close 30% of those. So that means seven book jobs. If your average ticket is 15 $100, your website on a monthly basis is generating $10,500, right?


you tell me if that if that’s beneficial to your business, you know, let me know, if you feel like you can, you can run a business without him out, you know. Here’s the second scenario. 500 visitors per month. Right, now you have a conversion rate of 15%. And this is all just by changing up some of the things on the website. Now you have 75 calls or leads coming into the office, right 30%, close rate. Now you have 22 book jobs, same average ticket. Now your website’s generating $33,000 in revenue, just from changing the elements of your website. So, you know, let me know if that’s important to you in your business or not just by having these different changes in place. Give me one second here. Just want to make sure I’m opening up the chat window here. So we can see everyone. All right. So changing up your conversion rate on your website, just basically means you’re going to triple the leads and revenue. That’s just that simple. So here’s a perfect example of one of the clients that came to us in 2019. He was really having trouble. You know, these first thing that he said to me was I need more conversions. my website’s not converting, I’m not getting you know what I’m looking for. Right? So he was really stagnated. He was having a hard time. And when you look at the website, how it was previously, there was all the information that he needed, right? If somebody landed on that website, there was the ability to see the Hours of operation there was the ability to get to see the phone number somewhere, right and also about who they are, what they’re doing, but it just wasn’t converting. It’s because there’s some elements that you need to have In your website to make that happen, right? So here’s an example. Here’s the before. And here’s the after, you can really see the difference, right? You can see, you got the owner there. And we’ll go into more detail on that. But you know, there’s a call to action button, call this button, right or click this button and call the office, click get a quote so that they can get a quote, they already know. And you’re telling them exactly what it is that they need to do right to contact you. And here’s a perfect example. So from January to December last year, just from calls alone, right, 471 calls were generated for the business. Right? So that’s a lot, right? That’s not even all the leads, right? That doesn’t include form submissions.


let me know if getting your website built to convert is important to you just put a one in chat, let me know if that’s important to you. One is yes, it’s important to me, two is no. And three is I have no idea what you’re talking about. Alright, so again, that’s what we’re gonna be talking about, we’re going to talk about how to optimize your website for maximum conversion, and sales are going to kind of go into some details. If you haven’t done this already, you would have gotten it by email. Go ahead and download this workbook. It’s basically a nice little guide. In fact, here, what I’ll do is I’ll copy this, and I’ll put it in chat just in case. Go ahead and take that document and download it. Put it in the live comments as well. All you have to do is just go to File, make a copy, so that you have your own copy, you can edit it the way you want. But we’re going to go through these in detail on this webinar today. And we’re going to talk about why they’re all important, right? So these are the 11 crucial elements that you need to really enhance conversions on your website. So the first thing you want to do is you want to be speaking to your target avatar, what are their fears and frustrations? And why should they choose you. The second thing is we’re going to be real use authentic images of your team on your homepage and throughout the website. The third thing is we’re going to use video, video and multimedia elements to engage different modalities. So perfect example would be a well a website, welcome video webs or videos for your services video explaining why someone would should contact you versus your competition. The fourth thing is we’re going to talk about how to leverage social proof. Right, we’re going to showcase them your online reviews prominently on the homepage of all the other service pages as well, with tools that you can actually get online and have a prominent link to review site on the website, or to the view page on the website. You want to get the basics in order as well. Right? What do you want to do you want to have your phone number in the right hand corner? Do you have a web form for customers to fill out? And do you have any credibility on your website? You know, do you have BBB? Are you are you registered with the business bureau? Right? You know, do you have any awards through Angie’s List three best rated home advisor or any associations, you want to have those very visible on the website as well. The big one is clear calls to action on each page, speak to your customer avatar, and tell them exactly what it is that you want them to do next, right. And not this doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. But we always recommend, especially for a new customer sign on is some kind of a special offer a coupon that would match the service that they need. And also you want to make sure that the website is mobile optimized with an easy click to call function. And you want to leverage a live chat or some kind of a chat bot. Right? The biggest one is site speed. Now, a lot of people just pass that through. It’s all Yeah, well, you know, it seems fast to me. But there’s a specific thing that you can do to really test it, you can go online to Google site speed. And you can take a look at see what the scores are. If they’re low scores on mobile, you’re not going to rank you’re just not that’s what Google’s already said it straight out that site speed is one of the most important ranking factors that you can have. So you need to have a really fast website. And you also want to be able to engage via, you know, SMS and phone through marketing automation. No, do you have a CRM in place? You know, if not, you know, do some research and figure out what kind of CRM would best fit you so that you can utilize that kind of automation for your business. So what is the one element that would have the biggest impact on the results of your overall internet marketing efforts?

So let’s say you’re spending a few $1,000 every single month, you got an agency that’s helping you out? Or maybe you have somebody inbound, you know, they’re handling your Facebook ads, you’re putting money out in Google ads. Maybe you’re paying somebody for SEO, and maybe you’re paying someone to build you a website, and they’re managing that, right. So all this is coming in. But what is the biggest thing that you need to focus on the most? conversions? How do we optimize for conversions? Yeah, all stuff coming in. Ultimately, at the end of the day, like I mentioned, you just want them to call your office so that you can have a little eat right. So, perfect example, like we were talking about, you can actually go to this website, type in specialty landscaping OKC calm and take a look at some of the conversion elements that we put in place for this website, it converts very well. And you know, and so you want to have that, right. If you’d like me to take a look at your website, and do a quick audit, simply just put your website in chat. And, you know, when we get to that spot, I will definitely be happy to take a look at it as well. Let’s see here. The other thing that you can do is you can also download, you can download this cheat sheet that I made as well that kind of gives you some step by step instructions on some of the things that you want to be putting up on your website. Some of the things that we kind of just quickly brushed through, like the logo on the left, you got your links, you got your h1 tag in the top, you know, with the CD, that kind of stuff, go ahead and download that that’s landscaper, for slash cheat sheet, I will copy this as well. Put it in chat. Let’s see if it’ll give me I’ll put it in the live feed as well. All right. Now you can take this back to your to your office, you can take this back to you know, whoever it is, that’s helping you with your online marketing efforts. And you can just give this to them, you know, you can check it all off and make sure that it’s all kind of you know where it’s supposed to be. These are, these are exactly what we do in our business to make this work for our clients. So let’s go back to the number one problem, right? If you can see Joe Jones through Joe Jones eyes, then you can sell what john Jones buys, right? So are you in the mind of your ideal customer? Have you taken the time out to really figure out who these people are that you’re trying to target. Of course, we all want to feel like everyone is our customer. But that’s not actually the case, a lot of times, you’re going to have problems with people not converting into the customers, or you get the customers and they’re a PETA customer, right, they’re a pain in the butt. You know, they’re the ones that you’re always fighting with to get payment, you’re always fighting with them to. You know, with price, right, there’s always so many different variables. But if you can really hone in on some of the customers that you really want to target, then you can speak their language on your website, right. So I highly recommend that you, you take the time to do that. And you put this into into place for your business. So just to give you some examples of this and feel free to, you know, take up, take out your phone and take a picture of this if you want. But you know, there’ll be a replay on this as well. So So here’s a perfect example, you know, of who your ideal customer would be, this may not necessarily be for you exactly. But this is just to help you kind of drum up some creativity. So you can kind of figure it out on your own. But, you know, maybe your demographic is a homeowner 35 plus years old, typical female, typically a female, occasionally a male, married with two to three kids, head of the household 65,000 a year plus in annual household income, they’re family oriented and reliable, but they get easily frustrated. They’d like to please people and expect the same in return. Maybe not handy, right? They want to get some stuff done, but they’re not clumsy with the tools. You know, maybe they like gardening, crafting an arts, or they live in the suburbs and upper middle class environment or neighborhood and they take an interest in their community. Right? So that’s the demographic, what about their their actually feelings, right? This is where the rubber meets the road. If you can identify what their their fears and frustrations are, and their desires, that’s that’s how people buy. They buy based on emotions. They buy based on trying to solve their problems. So they’re running away from fear, right? fear and pain, or they’re running towards desire, right? So if you can identify some of those things, and you can use both of those emotional buying decisions, in your marketing and in your messaging, right to really help identify this, right.

So here’s a perfect example of some pains and frustrations. It doesn’t have a green thumb. He really has a hard time trying to trying to you know, they love the gardening but they just suck at it right? So they can’t get a landscaping on the phone. Right or even return their call. And that’s a big one. I myself can tell you I’ve called 30 landscaping companies, and only five answered the phone. And four of those were actually voicemail and I got one person who live who actually answered the phone, and no one else returned my calls. So you know, and that test was me being a pretend customer, right? So it wasn’t me marketing to them. My business it was actually being a pretend customer. So it is a real thing that customers deal with, right? So that’s a great message. If you can be that company that actually answers the phone, you could actually talk about that on your website, we’re the company that answers the phone, right? Maybe they need to get the landscaping issue resolved. Or they’re just too busy dealing with it, they got lots going on with their lives, and they just want somebody to look after it for them. Those are the best customers, in my opinion, right? They can’t get creative enough to make a plan and need help, right? I myself, I love having a nice patio outside, a nice place to sit. But I don’t know, if I put this plant over here, if that’s going to affect other plants, or if it’s going to die, or if it needs an X amount of sun. I don’t know this, right? The experts know this, right? They can make these recommendations. So there are a lot of DIY people. But at the end of the day, they might DIY once and realize it’s not for them. So you want to be able to create messaging around that as well. Right? They don’t necessarily have the tools or equipment to do the job properly. Right? That’s a big one as well. So what are their fears in applications being ripped off overcharged paying too much for something that they could have got somewhere else, right? Having home or property damaged, right by faulty workmanship, having to wait around for the workers to arrive? What about being inconvenienced and trying to coordinate with the office, right, they make up the cause disaster on the property. Now, maybe they’ve had a bad experience in the past, or somebody traveled over all of their new soil, or something happened in that case where it just caused a massive mess, right? They want to be able to know that they can trust the company that can handle that situation, right. Or maybe they’re worried that the bill is going to be a lot more than they can afford and what was agreed upon. So they had that fear. But if you can provide that comfort for them in advance or on the website, then they’re going to be at ease. So when they are ready to buy, they are ready to buy, they already trust you. Right, that’s what you want. And same with goals and desires, right? Maybe they have a wedding coming up, and they want to get the landscaping done for summer, right? Maybe that’s just want to have the issue behind them, they want to deal with it anymore, they got too much going on in their lives. Or maybe they’re just like, they want a really nice yard and they want a well kept home inside and outside. Right. They want to protect their family, maybe they want their kids to be running around outside without injuring themselves. You know, maybe their goal is to be, you know, they want to have more income, money and wealth. You know, they want to drive a nicer car, live in a luxurious home, have a night, you know, kind of, you know, brag to the neighbors look at how successful we are. And that’s a real thing, right? Maybe they want to spend more time with family, travel and have fun, right? They want the respect and approval of friends, family and relatives. And this is a big one peace of mind. If you can provide that peace of mind. And it’s it’s a very broad one, right? I mean, it brings everything in from the goals and desires and fears and implications all together, right? If you can provide that peace of mind, you’re going to have a lot higher closing ratios than you’ve ever had. Right. And so these are very simple messages that you can just simply throw up on the website that really does work, in addition to all of those, you know, emotional triggers and conversations that you can have on your website. Right. So here’s a perfect example, same day service, same day sorting, right on time service, 24 hour service, maybe that’s good for, you know, if you’re out if you do a lot of sprinklers, right, you have that 24 hour service or emergency services, right? straightforward pricing, or upfront pricing, Satisfaction Guaranteed. trustworthy technicians, are the background checks, check, do they wear uniforms? how clean is your vehicles? Right? Are they always clean? When they show up? at the job site? You know, does this customer going to have the expectation that they’re going to see this really well kept? team, right, a crew that comes up with clean vehicles, that’s important to them, right? You can talk about that on your website. And then you put it on your website in a way that they can read it and it looks good. And they understand it. And a really puts a lot of comfort on their end, right. So you want to speak to your ideal customer. So does that make sense so far? Let me know. Throw one in chat. Let me know if that makes sense. One, yes, you’re getting that I what I’m throwing down. Maybe a two is I have no idea we’re talking about.

Cool. Moving on. So we’re gonna talk a little bit more about now some on page stuff right on the website. What do we do to make this work? Right? Well, the first thing you want to think about is if you have stock images and all this kind of stuff on your website, you need to remove them from your website as quickly as possible, and start putting in images of your team images of the work that you’ve done before and after, but definitely you want to have real and authentic images on your website. So if you don’t have the ability to do it on your own, hire someone to do that, you can go into Upwork, hire somebody, you can use Canva and create something from what you have, right? There’s always a way to make it work, you will always be rewarded not by even the customer conversion ratio. But you’ll be rewarded from Google as well in a ranking factor. So to get on the first page of Google, that’s a ranking factor, right? Be authentic. So do you have images of your team? If so, put it on the homepage, put it on every page if you can do it. Right. Do you have YouTube videos? And explainers? Right? Do you have examples of your brand that you can put I know for us, we like to have a nice big call to action at the bottom of the website, where it shows the right here where it shows the truck, right. And they can really visualize that you’re a real identity and a real company. And they can just relate with that. Right? And same with the staff and team working like, you know, he’s a little bit messy, because he does dirty work. But look, it’s not a stock photo, it’s a guy that’s actually trimming bushes, they can be like, okay, we want guys like that hard working hard working people. Right? these are, these are conversations that people have in their head, and they don’t even realize it. The second thing we want to talk about, we want to talk about leveraging multimedia, if you have the ability to if you have the ability to, you know, create some video content, right? If you are, you know, in the level of your business, where you driving around a different job sites, and you’re checking things out, you know, or you’re doing estimates, take a before picture, get your team and take out an app or picture, even though there’s different things that you can do on that side of it. If you’re doing multimedia, right, if you want to use video, while you’re doing the estimate, take a video. Here’s a talk about sorry, here’s an example of somebody who’s really looking for here’s this problem that’s going on, you got your phone up here like this, right? And you’re really talking to your audience, right? You’re talking to your ideal customer. And you put that on your website, and you’re gonna find that people would be Yeah, I get this, I understand. So here’s a perfect example, you got, you know, jail from clear cut group, right, he’s got a nice video that we put up on his holiday lighting, we’re talking about the different types of lights that you can buy from him, right, the different colors, as well as the type of lights that they are, right, they have five LEDs built in, they’re 10 times brighter than box door lights, he talks about all that stuff. Questions people are asking, right? You can answer all that in a YouTube video. The one above there is Kyle, he actually talks about his business a little bit, you know that they wear the uniforms, you know, the cleans or the trucks or cleaned the employees or background check all that stuff, he talks about that in a video. And this video does very well for him. Next thing, which is a really big one. So now you can kind of see how things are coming into play. Right? You can kind of see already and we’re not even finished, that, you know, you get these videos, I can visualize who you are, right? Like, see you talking to me. And now not only am I trusting you already, now you have social proof on your website of other people that you know are in my neighborhood possibly that have used it you your business. And they’re they’re vetting you right there. They’re not vetting you, they’re they’re telling you, right, they’re vouching for you. And they’re telling, telling the audience, right, that this is the best company to work with, right. So you want to have stuff like this on your website. Absolutely. And there’s, there’s a lot of companies out there that you can use, there’s companies like Nice job, where you can actually have a nice little soft, like a piece of software, it’s an app that you can put on your phone. And you know, you can have a review sequence set up for that. And not only that, you can even take pictures and embed that whole entire thing on your website, it can become a strategy in your business that can really help. And it also helps with Google as well, anything that makes the customer happy and converts at a higher level. Google’s gonna gonna have eyes on that, and they’re gonna want to rank your website before anyone else will. Right.


this is another thing that’s really important to you. And now this is this is not everybody, you know, is comfortable with going this direction. And in fact, it’s more of a conversation piece to really figure out exactly what it is that you want to do first, because, you know, there’s only so much that you can do as far as cost is concerned, maybe you’re using papers, like a paper lead service, or pay per click, like Google ads, and you’re already putting a lot of money into marketing. And you’re might not be able to find that amount of profit to really justify using a special offer because there’s no profit, right? There’s no money if you have a one time deal, and it’s only going to be a one time customer that this might not work out. Right. But if you know that you can establish a long term relationship with the client, right with one of your customers and give them some kind of a, you know, sign on bonus even if it’s 25 bucks or 50 bucks. It’s going to give them that little bit of a higher buying intent. And they’re going to want to convert, right? This is a big one mobile friendly, okay. 85% of all searches are done on mobile devices. Right? out of that 85%. Google reports that 40% of mobile consumers are turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile web experience. They’re an IC, O, I can tell you hundreds of website, I’ve seen hundreds of websites, right, and their mobile is just, it’s just not there. So what that tells you is that there’s an opportunity for your business, to outrank them, and to out convert them, and to just beat them, period, right, because they’re what their mobile, their mobile friendly website is not that good, right? It’s not friendly. So if you can already take advantage of that, you’re already going to outdo your competitors by a longshot. And there’s certain things that you can do with that, right. There’s a new thing that’s coming out with Google, it’s already out. And they’re really heavily pushing it. It’s called Google Mobile First indexing. And what that means is that Google is going to rank everyone that is that has a high converting mobile friendly website. And they will rank the mobile device, they’ll rank the mobile website first. So you could be on page three on desktop, but on page one on mobile, it is because you have a mobile friendly website, if that makes sense. And here’s the big one, right, you want to have a click to call option. I’ve seen it multiple times you go on to somebody’s on somebody’s website on their phone, you see the menu up in the top right hand corner, and then there’s like this button or a number it says, Call this number, right, or you’ll just see the number on the website. The problem with that is, I can’t click it. Right, I can’t click the button, I can’t click the phone number. So I have to remember your phone number, go out of my phone, exit the browser, go to my dial pad and dial the number in or write it down, right? Well, the chances of having a pan around these days is slim to none. So I have to remember, and that’s not going to happen, right, I’m just going to go on to the next one, that’s easier for me, than to remember, right, I’m going to go on to the next one, which will be your competitor, if they have a button that I can click to call, then I’m going to do that. So you definitely want to have that set up. And the way we have it set up with specialty landscaping and all of our clients, it’s it’s policy, like we don’t have it any other way. If you want a website from us, this is how we do it. And so this is a fixed button. So it pops up, when you scroll down about 100 pixels, this will show up along with the get to quote button, and it stays there. So even if you’re scrolling up, that button stays there. So they at any time if they’re ready to buy, they’re gonna call you. Right? huge jump in conversions, when you add that button, I guarantee it. Another one, and this is hitting Miss to not everyone, you know, wants to go this route, right? Maybe it works for some people, and it works for doesn’t for for some people and some people it doesn’t. But what I can tell you is I if you haven’t tried it, definitely you want to try it first and see if you can manage it in some way. So there’s a lot of ways that you can do that. There’s some free software out there, there’s one it’s like, talk to talk to. And you know, you can set that up, you can embed the code on your website, and then you have a little chat bot cost nothing right, you can get a little bit more granular with it and start doing some AI responses and things like that. I honestly I wouldn’t recommend going to that depth. Just because it can confuse the customer and it can cause cause issues, right. And you don’t want to be having to maintain the technology, you want to have to you just want to maintain the conversation, right? So you got to be careful with that. So if anything, what I would do is create it, put it put a live chat in there with them the option of them to leave their name, phone number, email and address for a quote, it’s just another way in for them to contact you. Which why not, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. So as long as you can manage that, and you can respond to them in a timely manner, you can most certainly do that you can actually even use if you go into Facebook, in the back end, you can actually get a chat feature as well, which is actually linked to your Facebook page. So it actually looks like a Facebook message. Right? So it might be easier to manage that way. So live chat has proven to increase leads by an average of 35%. So why wouldn’t you want to at least try it right? And I’ve had clients in the past we’ve tried it, they just can’t seem to manage it and the training doesn’t work out. There’s multiple reasons that just doesn’t work for their business. That’s okay. As long as you have those main important conversion elements on your website, then you’re still better off than where you All right. So just to kind of refresh and go back a little bit, you know, some key ideas. And honestly, that that cheat sheet that I gave you is gonna have all this in here. But if you want to take a picture of this slide, go ahead, it’s totally fine. But some key ideas you want to take away from this is add real authentic images of your team, to the homepage, and throughout the website, right? smiling, working hard doing all these different things, even better, videos, videos of your team working right, even better. And you also want to add video elements to your website, welcome video video for each of your services, a video explaining why someone should contact you versus the competition, right? You want to showcase your online reviews more prominently on the homepage with review tools online, you want to get the basics in order? Do you have the phone number in the top right hand corner? Right? Do you have a web form that the customers can fill out? That’s very, very easy, right? Do you have credibility with authority symbols, and trust badges and all these different things on there, as well? Right? update the call to action on each page to ensure that they speak to your customer Avatar and tell them exactly what to do next. So make sure that’s set up. Right? If they’re struggling with something, and they have a need, ask the question, right? Are you looking for an expert lawn mowing service?


trust the pros blah, blah, blah, since 1999, call this number, make it click right? Just that simple. And in fact, there’s there’s an area above the fold, and we can actually, I’ll just go to his website real quick. It’s called above the fold. Where so this is specialty landscaping here. This area right here that you see, this is 80% of whether or not the customer is going to buy from you or not. So what you put here matters. So and they also read from left to right. And in a zigzag pattern, just like you’re reading a book book to some degree. So they always land on the left hand side. And they scroll over, they’ll pass over the links. And there it is, there’s a call to action button. And it’s not blended in with the menu, right, you don’t see a call button, or a call link that looks exactly the same. It looks like a button. If it looks like a button, I’m probably going to click it. It’s just a psychological thing. So now I have two options. And they’re two different colors. So I know get a quote throughout the whole entire website

is different,

right? So I can call the button, I can use the call button, right? I can do it on mobile, I can do it on on desktop, or iPad, right, or I can get a quote, click the Get a quote and go see an estimate page. And there’s nowhere else to go. So this is going to have a high converting element as well. I don’t need to I can’t go anywhere else. The only option for me is to go back or exit. And so that’s going to increase your conversion rate. Just having that alone. So just some ideas there, right? convenient hours quality service competitive prices experienced team, it doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be there. Right. So I hope that kind of makes sense. Let me know in chat. One, yes, you’re getting one I’m throwing down to I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Alright. So I think we’ve pretty much covered everything, just the last couple of ones would be. So we update the call to action, tell them what to do. Next, you want to leverage coupons and offers that match the page that they’re on. So perfect example would be if you are doing a lot of lawn mowing contracts this year, and you really want to get them to buy in a lot of times you can get the third most free, right, get a third more free. If you sign up for the year, right, or your last month is free, whatever it might be, right? different ways that you can do it to really engage with them and still not lose a ton of money. Or another good one. If you do a lot of maintenance projects, you’re doing your tree trimming shrub trimming all this other stuff, you know, and you know that they are in need of that? Well, maybe that’s something that you can offer them if they sign on for a lawn mowing contract, you know, sign up for a lawn mowing contract, half price off your your bush trimming services, whatever it might be, right? And then you have them as a customer, hopefully for life. They can they appreciate that value, right? And then of course you want to add live chat to your website. So now that we’ve kind of gone through all this who kind of understand what’s going on, or at least have a semblance of an understanding you can always go back in this video when it’s when there’s a replay is your website optimized conversion now that you’ve gone through that list, you know, what are some of the things that you can implement so that you can get a lot more calls your office so you can keep those trucks running. Keep those eight players busy, and you know you’re having a profitable business all around. Right, I encourage you, if you can do that, too, just take a pen on piece of paper, and write down just the main three that you could implement in the next 30 days, my recommendation would be to swap out images and put authentic images have a clear call to action. And if you can do it, do one video that talks about your business and why you’re better than the competition, but not bragging about yourself, by putting it in there in the shoes, or in the mind of the customer. Right? Those would be the three that I would recommend. But there’s still 11 of those choices that you can put in there, you know, major action items that I think that you if you implement these, even just one of them, it’s going to move that needle just a little bit more, right. So again, you know, when we’re talking about marketing as a whole, right? The biggest marketing issue that faces lawn care, landscaping businesses, or any home service business is unconverted leads, right. The problem is,

you got all this

in place,

you got all these ads coming in, you got all this traffic coming in. And this is before you made any changes, right? People come in 50 to 60% of inbound customers leave unconverted. Right 90% of web forums fail to convert. So, you know, you got all these things going on. But now what, right? So you got the call to action, let’s so let’s say let’s say you’ve implemented all 11 of these things for your business, and you’ve increased the conversion rate just a little bit, there’s still a lot that can happen after that, right. So if you’re not following up with your leads, now, that’s another issue, right? leads that are not followed up within 15 minutes go cold. In fact, it’s probably even more than like earlier than that. And you have to follow up with the average customer must be followed up with at least five to seven times before even booking. And I hear this a lot with my clients, well, I don’t want to bother them, I don’t want to, you know, impose on their life, I don’t want to interrupt their life, well, you have to remember one thing they came to you for for your, you know, your expertise, they came to you looking for an experience, because they want to get their problem solved. So your you didn’t go knocking on their door and bothering them, right, they came to you. So just remember that if you you’ve just them filling out the form or asking for a quote has given you permission to provide them with the


possible service that you can give them. So if you could follow up with him on multiple touches in multiple occasions throughout the buying process, right, you’re gonna have no problems with talking about price, you’re not going to have any problems with, you know, you know, people just being rude to you about certain things, you’re going to leave them at ease throughout the whole entire process. But even before that, even before they booking, you need to touch them at least five to seven times, whether it’s via phone, email, text message, before they even get the estimate. And I guarantee you if you implement something like this, it’s gonna change your business forever, right? So how do you do that I don’t have time to be texting people and making phone calls and doing all these things when I’m trying to run a business, right? It’s impossible. Nor to somebody in the office who I’ve already, you know, given them a job to do, right, their job is to return phone calls, maybe, right. But to, to lean on a person to be able to handle this can be very difficult. The recommended way to do this is through automation, lean on technology for a lot of this work, right? leverage marketing automation, to follow up with these web forms that come in. And there is a lot of technology that you can use. For example, if say, if you have a web form online right now, that’s just the basic one, you can have the basic message where they’ll get an email, you know, thanks for filling out the form submission, and we’ll get back to you within 24 to 72 hours, or whatever it might be. That’s not good enough, right? That’s just not enough. It doesn’t do anything for them. Right? When somebody fills out a web form, they get the crickets they get well, what’s going on? Are they actually? Do they even care, right? And so you want to be able to take that out of the equation. As soon as they fill out that webform send them a text message, hey, we just got the webform blah, blah, blah, blah, just by the way, you know, Sam, a second text message, just by the way you can, you know, feel free to text us on this on this number if you want we accept text messages a lot if you have any questions along the way, right? There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s a huge deal, right? In my personal experience of dealing with other service businesses, for things that I need. When I when I see a company that’s that has invested in this, and it just really looks good, and I feel good about buying from them. I have no problem paying whatever it is that they’re charging. Right. And so you want to do that, especially for people who are more interested in in having an experience while getting this done. Then somebody who might be, you know, just looking for price, right? It kind of vets them out to, you want to automate the follow up so that every prospect is touched five plus times and able to engage with to a messaging. So this is a really good one. So I hope you stuck around long enough to really take a look at this. This is here’s an eye opener for you. Right? So let’s say you’re getting about 100 leads every single month right now, right to your website, out of those 100 leads, you have a conversion rate of 20%. Right? And you have no follow up. So basically, it’s that simple. Reply by email that one, you know, thanks for filling out the form submission. So now you have a 20%, close rate. Right, you’ve booked 20 jobs. And let’s see, your average ticket in this case is $650. Right? So now you’ve booked $13,000? Well, if you’re using pay per click, and you’re actually spending money on leads, even if you use pay per lead, right? What does an average pay per lead cost $15, whatever it might be, whatever the case is, the close rate is going to dictate whether or not your business is profitable or not, right. So $13,000, it’s not profitable, you’re never gonna get a return on investment from your marketing, you’re never gonna get enough jobs booked. And you’re never gonna make any money. Right. So here’s another example, if you increase your close rate, to 50%, and just by using automation, right, you’re gonna have $32,000 in the bank, as opposed to 13,000, right? Nothing has changed as far as the amount of leads that came into your, into your website, or whatever it might be. But now you’ve used automation to really help generate more happy customers, if that makes sense. So, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. If you’re not following the systems, and you’re not putting some of these things in place, you’re not making these leads valuable, right? They’re, they’re going to your competitors, and you’re not making the money that you could be making, right? So you want to make every lead that you generate way more valuable. So let’s implement this in your business. Take those top three things that we were talking about whatever they might be, that’s most important to you, and implement them in the next 30 days, I guarantee you, you’re gonna have increased conversions. So if this is something that’s,

you really kind of caught on with this, and you really want to talk a little bit more about your business, and how we can help you kind of generate an a consistent flow of leads, get a high converting website, like we were talking about, really start to help you grow your business. And I would love to have that conversation with you, you know, it’s a 15 minute call, we’ll talk about what you’ve tried in the past, you know, where you are now, where your goals are for the next 12 to 24 months. And if there’s anywhere in there that we can help you with that, then from there. Basically, what we’ll do is we’ll do an online marketing plan review, right, we’ll do an analysis of where you are online, we’ll build a custom list for you of the most important search terms, we’ll run a ranking report, right to show you where you’re ranking currently, and just an overall analysis of what’s going on, and really see if there’s anywhere in there that we can help you with that,

right. And, and if there is any gaps, we’ll help fill those gaps so that you, we can really help you take your business to the next level.

So if that sounds good to you, and that sounds like something that you want to do, just call the office at 844-234-5736. Or you can go right to our website at landscape and marketers comm forward slash schedule. Another way to do it is you can just simply go to landscaper marketers calm. It’ll take you to our website, and click the book of call button right here. And it’ll just take you to this forum here where you can just watch a quick blurb about me and what this is about. You fill in your information here on the on the right. And then it’ll take you to a calendar that you can put your information or you can set a date and time that’s more convenient for you. And then we’ll get in touch with you. All right, well, I hope that makes sense. And if you have any questions at all, when it comes to any of this online marketing stuff, and you really, you know, just you’re stuck and you want to kind of get out of this rut, feel free to reach out to me as well on facebook, facebook, you know, like our page. We also have a, a private Facebook group that we just launched. It’s gonna be all like minded business owners of lawn care and landscaping companies that are just specifically curious about learning how to grow their business through means of digital marketing. So that sounds good. Feel free to jump on. I think we’re at the top of the hour here. So if you guys have no questions, then we will call it a day. Alright guys, thanks again. We’ll talk to you later.


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