The New SEO Formula – 2021


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Really, what we’re gonna do is we’re just going to dive deep into the new SEO formula. So it’s going to be kind of technical in some cases. So there might be some confusion. And if there is, feel free to let me know, in chat, you know, if there’s anything that you need to clarify, and we’ll get started.






while you’re here, you know, turn off your cell phones, you don’t have to turn off your cell phones, but put it on Do Not Disturb. So you can kind of eliminate some of the distractions while you’re at work, or doing whatever it is that you want to do. Turn off your Facebook, in this case, it’s probably a little bit more difficult to do if you’re on Facebook.



But, you know, at least turn off the notifications so that you can, you know, really focus on what’s going on with this webinar. If you if you’re a lawn care and landscaping, business owner, you’re really serious about getting better results online, especially when it comes to SEO, then the next 60 to 90 minutes can be a game changer for you. So what we’re going to cover today, we’re going to talk about the latest updates with Google, you know, with the Google algorithm changes, the things that you may have to put in place, or that you may have put into place put in place in the past, you know, could be hurting you now. And you also want we’re going to talk about how to optimize your website using the new SEO formula. And pretty much that’s it right, so who am I? And why should you listen to me, I’ve been in the internet marketing space for about six years, was a previous owner of two service businesses. One was a window cleaning gutter cleaning pressure washing business. And the other one was a Christmas light installation company, automated the companies and ended up selling them so that I could focus on 100% with digital marketing, I really got into digital marketing because I was doing digital marketing for my own businesses and really enjoyed it back way back, I’m not gonna say the date. But way before, there was a time when I went to university and learn how to build websites and do all this stuff. In fact, my my dream job was to be a video game designer, right video game programmer, that didn’t quite pan out. But that’s okay, I got into sales a lot more corporate sales throughout the years, and then decided to work on my own. That’s kind of how I ended up in the serve at home service industry. And then from there decided that digital marketing was definitely the thing that I love doing the most. And then decided to really kind of niche down our digital marketing agency to only work specifically and exclusively with lawn care and landscaping business owners. One of the reason is is I you know, I love the environment, I love being outdoors. It just really resonates with me, I love seeing finished products after completion. There’s just something that draws me to that. So I’ve been working with successful lawncare and landscaping businesses across the US and Canada. So we know what works to generate a flood of business and new leads for lawn care and landscaping businesses working on a new book called the lawn care and landscaping contractors. Digital Marketing blueprint should be out by spring 2021.



Feel free to let me know by by Facebook message or by chat, if you’d like a copy of that, and then I can get it sent out to you, you don’t have to pay for shipping. But that should be up on Amazon by end of spring.



So really, when we talk about SEO, it really boils down to



one strategy, right? It’s a solid foundation that you need to have in order to move on, right, you got to have a good solid website, you got to build a website that’s built to convert. And then you want to optimize that opt for SEO so that you can rank on the first page of Google. But it’s really only one piece of the pie, right? We use what’s called the digital dominance blueprint or the the accelerator method, which is what you see on the screen here, which really, you know, if you’re utilizing all of these, in conjunction with everything else, you’ll find that you’re going to get a lot more consistent flow of leads every single month, therefore, you’re going to be able to grow your business a lot faster. So really, SEO is just one of those formulas that are one of those strategies that you should utilize and definitely implement it is, in my opinion, one of the best strategies to put into place for your business, because once you get on the first page of Google, as long as you’re optimizing and maintaining on a regular monthly basis, you’re gonna get a lot of low cost leads, right because you’re not paying for those leads when people come to your website organically.



So does SEO still matter? Right? There’s a lot of



you know, there’s a lot of confusion whether or not SEO is really relevant and you know if it even matters, you know, why don’t I just put all my money into pay per click advertising or Facebook advertising



And just, you know, let that be my source of revenue. Well, for one, just like I mentioned, you don’t want to have all your eggs in one basket, you want to have all of your channels working at the same time so that you can get revenue streams from different angles, right? A perfect example. Here’s one of our clients specialty landscaping. He ranks here, for example, this keyword is landscape maintenance south, okay, see, he’s ranking number one in maps, number one on the organic position number two, as well, right. So he gets all the leads, right.



And as you can see here, this is a report that was done by bright local, which is a software service that you can use to be able to generate reports, you can use it for really getting some good data for SEO. But they put out regular content and blogs as well. And they put out this really good report that basically talks a little bit about where people are clicking on the on on Google search results page, right, it’s called a SERP. So at the top, you’ll see that you have your your usually you’ll have your Google ads. Sometimes you’ll have a local service ads, depending on the niche that you’re in, if it’s just long hair, you probably you’re familiar with the the the local service ads that you can put up there so that you have a local service ads, then you have your pay per click area, and then you have your maps, and then you have your organic search results. Well, turns out that roughly 27% of all the traffic that come onto the page, they will click on the first result on the organics underneath the maps, they will decide to click there first, because that has the most authority, right, then you’ll see that the local pack position number one, which is in the map here, you can see 17% of that of the people who search for that service, or whatever it is, we’ll click on the first position, then they’ll click on the second position. And then you’ll see only about 10 and a half percent really only click on your pay per click. The ones who are clicking on your pay per click are definitely the ones that have the highest buy intent, and a lot of them have an immediacy, so but having all three of these positions on Google search results definitely puts you ahead of your competition by a longshot. So yes, SEO definitely still matters.



Here’s a perfect example of some data that we have from one of our clients 358, total SEO and map leads, their only investment was 20 $900. And cost per lead was about $8.21 when you factor in our fee. And so they got a lot of calls out of this right, just as an example. 72% came from organic SEO. So yes, SEO still does matter. You can’t just rely on Pay Per Click alone or other media, you have to, again, have a wide variety, but in my opinion, definitely think that having a good solid foundation would be SEO and your website. So what are the four biggest changes that have come about when it comes to the new SEO formula, we want to look at having a website that is detailed, well written content that’s authentic, this is the big deal. This is the number one factor for ranking. If you’re copying duplicating pages, if you have an old dated website that hasn’t been updated with new material, there’s a lot of different factors that come into play. You know, that’s going to have a massive effect on whether or not you’re going to rank to the top position, low quality and spammy backlinks pointed back to your website will crush your rankings. So it’s not even about



having a lot of links. It’s about having good links, right? Good quality links from good sources. So there’s a lot of software to build. And we’ll get into that. But there is some software that you can use to help you filter this out. You need a real physical office to rank well on Google Maps, and site speed site speed really matters.



So let’s talk a little bit about detailed and well written content. And why that matters so much. Well, first of all, if you have a service business that has multiple services, even in lawn care, for example, if you’re a lawn care company, chances are you might do some irrigation, you might do some pest control, you might have a variety of subcategories of the services that you offer that would fit the mold of lawn care. But if you just have a website that just talks about lawn care, and the key word is lawn care, chances are if someone types in for irrigation repair, or irrigation systems, your website’s not going to rank unless you have a page that talks about that, right. So you want to have a service.



You want to have a page for every service you offer. And it should have its own page of well written informative, detailed content. Don’t copy from your competitors. You know, if you have to hire out a third party to write content for you, you are much better off to do that.



Most landscaping and lawn care companies serve 25 to 50 mile radius. So chances are you you’re going to be servicing more than one



service area, you might have multiple service areas, you might even have multiple cities with a service area as well, each one of those neighborhoods, cities or towns or communities should have their own dedicated location page. So if you’re in Cincinnati, for example, there’s going to be, you know, Cincinnati is a big city, it’s got four and a half million people, chances are, there’s going to be a lot of different subsidies within that. If you want to rank for Cincinnati, you want to start with the neighborhoods, the big neighborhoods first and then you’ll start to notice that you’re going to rank for those keywords. Well, written copy matters, you still want to sell your visitors on your service, you want to make sure that they don’t lead without contacting you. So what that basically means is sure you’ve got yourself ranking now on the first page, but do you have?



Does it convert? Does it convert those visitors into customers? Right? Do you have the content that you’re writing? Is it talking about their needs? Is it talking about their problems solving their problems? Is it identifying with your customer? Are you putting out the proper message? And then do you make it easy for them to click a button to call you or to fill out a form?



So let’s talk a little bit about the backlink situation, right? There was a time back in the day where the more links that you had going to your website wins. In some cases, that can still work. But it’s turning into more of a blackhat strategy than it is a white hat because it’s not quality. It’s it’s spammy. And Google is trying to eliminate that. So the more updates that Google does, and Google does core updates every quarter, right, the more updates that Google does, the smarter their their crawl bot is right, they’re gonna create better algorithms that will eliminate those issues. And if you’re still using the old technical ways of doing things, chances are, you’re going to be losing out, your website’s going to get devalued. And you’re going to get pushed back, because the people who are doing it the right way, they’re the ones that are going to win in the long run, you might see short term results, but the ones who win are the ones who are in it for the long haul. So you want to try to get rid of those irrelevant low quality links. If you’ve paid somebody from, I don’t know, Upwork or Fiverr. To get you, you know, 1000s of backlinks from all these weird websites like PB ends that aren’t done properly. Private call private blog networks that back in the day was an effective way of getting links. It’s not it’s not effective anymore, Google will slap your hand. And they will they will devalue your website if you get caught. So again, it used to be all about that.



The Penguin update, which was about five years ago, I believe addressed that. And now it’s about quality and relevant links, it’s taking a lot of time, for a lot of people to really understand that it’s not necessarily a large amount of links, right. It’s good quality links. And we’ll get into that into more detail about that soon.



You’re going to have to review your link profile, find bad bad links, and then have them removed or disavow. So what disavowed means is basically you get this file that you can you can create on it in even in a notepad. And basically, you upload that to the Google Search Console. And it tells the crawler to ignore those, those websites that are pointing to your website. So doing that will tell Google, okay, these are bad links. These aren’t this is a bad domain, but we’re not worrying about them anymore. And they have no impact on your website. So doing that is very, very important.



You want to work to diversify your anchor text and build more high quality relevant links. So what that means is an anchor text is basically the font that you see on the body of a website, you’ll see a lot of times it’s highlighted in blue, the blue, the font changes to blue, and it’s underlined, that’s an anchor text. It’s not a button, it’s not anything like that, but the anchor text and whatever the text that you put in it is important, because there’s code that wraps around that text. So whatever Google sees, knows that, okay, this is this is going to be relevant to whatever that page is. So make sure that you have a diverse amount of links on your website that include those. But the other thing is, is making sure that the people, the other domains that are pointing to you are also doing the same thing. Have you ever seen a website where you’re reading it, and it says, oh, for more information, click here and the click here is highlighted. That’s not necessarily a very good anchor text, because the key word doesn’t mean anything. If it was more about if you want to learn about lawn care, you know, then click lawn care here, or whatever it might be whatever that font is, and then Google will know, okay, lawn care, it must be about lawn care. And that’s a good quality link, if that makes sense.



So Jackson’s asking, so even pages that are established in satisfactory should still be updated with new content regularly. I think so I think it’s a strategy that you have to look at. If you start seeing that you’re losing your rankings. Something’s amiss, right? Something’s not right. Or you’re having competitors that are ahead of you.



have better quality content or more more content than you do. So you have to kind of look at your competitors as well, to see if maybe it’s just they’re doing better a better job than you, right? You might still have a decent website, but they just have more of what Google wants, right? Maybe their websites converting better. Maybe they have a higher click through rate. Another thing I would do is definitely check like we were just talking about check your backlink strategy, see what’s going on in there. There’s a lot of tools for that, which we’ll get into. Hopefully that answers your question.



What’s the other question we got here?






So let’s talk a little bit about Google Maps. What we’re going to be doing though, is we’re going to be really talking about Google Maps in another webinar, because you know, there’s so much content about about Google Maps. And it’s so relevant, that I think it deserves another way, like, deserves a topic on its own. But we’re gonna get into a little bit of this, because it does relate to SEO. And it does relate to helping your actual website to rank as well. So they kind of work together in a lot of ways.



So you need a real physical office to rank well, on google maps.



google maps had a major change in November of 2019. That was called the local search core update. And it primarily addressed local map listings. And it took a major toll on those who had multiple fake addresses, used ups, stores, mailboxes, virtual offices, and worked from home a home address and have the business address hidden on Google My Business. So



it really affected a lot of people. So that November update, in fact, it even affected some of our clients as well, because we were allowed to get away with quite a lot. In fact, you could have your business name and the title, maybe even your service in there and still get away with it. But in a lot of cases, you know, there was a time when you could have multiple Google My Business listings, even though you only have one actual address, right, you could get, you know, if you do subcontracting, you could have your subcontractors have a have an address at their house, and all these different things could go on, so that you could completely surround your entire service area. In fact, you could even use satellite or virtual offices. In fact, even now, you could still kind of get away with that a little bit. But you’re putting yourself and your business at risk, it’s really hard to get your Google My Business listing back once you’ve been suspended, or permanently suspended, suspended. And that can have a detrimental effect on your business, right. So you got to be careful with that you’re better off just following it the right way. And you know, really just put things in place. And if you really need to know what that is, you know, get in touch with me We can we can help you out with that. But, you know, just Google how to how to, you know, set up your Google My Business, right? The right way. And there’s lots of content out there that can really help you with that. YouTube is a great resource as well. But, you know, when it came to one of the big things that kind of was a big oops, in my opinion for Google was a lot of businesses that were legitimate service area businesses is what’s called an SAP, we’re businesses that actually legitimately worked out of their home, because they didn’t need a big office, they didn’t have a big shop, or maybe they’re a 500,000 a year company, and didn’t really have it in their budget to go, you know, have a shop, right? A lot of service area businesses, they can work out of their office, and they have storage facilities, or wherever it might be for their equipment, or they have vans and everything else, right? bands, vehicles, trailers, whatever it might be that, you know, their employees could take to their their plate their home, right every night, and look out for it themselves a lot of different variables there. But Google didn’t really put that into consideration when they made this update. So a lot of surface area businesses were affected by that. So you know, because a lot of times you want to hide your home address, right and still serve your customers throughout this fast service area. Well, they were they were hit with that. So it takes a lot of time coming back around from that now you have to really focus on proximity, prominence. You know, you want to have a good authority in your area, and a lot of conversations about you know, you know, having, you know, links coming in from local businesses, things like that, so that Google knows, okay, you do sort of these different areas, and have a Google My Business Strategy as well to really expand your service area business on Google on Google Maps. So but really, at the end of the day, you really do need a physical address in the city that you want to rank for Google still, it’s still that’s the primary choice even though it’s acceptable now with a service area business. It just seems like they’re always kind of awarding the service area business. So let me know in chat with the one if you’re kind of understanding what I am putting out there, or if number two, if you have any questions or if you if you know, now’s a good time to ask them






so now we’re gonna talk about site speed. One of the biggest things that a lot of people miss on that. So you know, we, I guess, assume that when we build out a website that our hosting provider has the ability to handle the load speed, right. But unfortunately, that’s just not how this works. So the more the more we get advanced technology, like our phones, with all the cameras on them, and everything else, and you want to take these really nice professional photos for your website, you get excited, you take these these photos that are 4k or, you know, 5000 pixels by 3000 pixels. And you take a picture and you upload it to your website, and then you wonder why your website’s so slow. The problem is, is that there isn’t even a device like a laptop or desktop out there, that even puts that out in return, right? For example, my laptop is a 19 by 20. By 1080. Resolution, it’s a high definition resolution screen. A lot of laptops, the standard definition is 1366 by 768. And then you got your iPads and your iPhones and your phones and your in your Android phones, right? Well, you don’t need an image that large to load it up, it’s still look really good. So what you need to do is you need to bring that picture down to the appropriate size that fits the screen, right 1366 by 768, you can do 1920 by 768. Depending on how you design your website, you want your image to fit the container. Those are very, very important aspects of it. But if you really want to figure out what your site speed is, you can go to Google PageSpeed Insights, you can Google Google PageSpeed Insights, I should have put it on there. But



Google PageSpeed Insights, just Google that it’ll pop up, put your website in there, and it’ll give you two scores, it’ll give you a desktop score, and it’ll give you a mobile score.



So again, like we were talking about, I kind of jumped the gun a little bit, but don’t have huge images on your website, make sure that the images are Resize to Fit their container. Otherwise, more coding is required to resize it for you, so it’s slowing down your website. So



make sure that all the images are compressed as well. Now what you can do is you can use a software program, this is what we use for our clients. When we’re building client websites, we use, we take the images that they’ve already provided for us or whatever it might be, we resize them to fit the container, we put it, we clean it up the way we like it, and then we put it into And what it does, it will spit back the exact same image. But at a lower file size without losing quality, right, I



highly recommend that you can take the exact same image still look good. And it’ll be 70% smaller.



The other thing that you can do is use plugins in WordPress, but specifically use the pro ones that get paid plugins because they’re the one like the paid portion of the plugins generally are where all the magic happens, right? They want you to pay for that. So you can do a lot of things, you know, you can use rankmath, you can use



a lot of different types of nausori. rankmath is an SEO plugin, sorry, but for this, you can use a lot of different types. But what you can do is they can, they can help minify, the JavaScript code and the CSS code, this is all code that’s needed to actually show your website online, right? What happens is, is when you writing code, we tend to write like we’re writing anything, right? A lot of spaces, we have spaces after periods, we have, you know, double spacing on our on our paragraphs, we have spacing between paragraphs, a lot of spacing. But when it comes to code and your website and how Google crawls your website, you don’t need that they can have it all one stuck together, right. So that’s what minify does is it removes all the spacing, and it allows it to load your website faster.



The other thing you want to do is leverage browser caching. This helps to keep a copy on someone’s browser to help it load faster, right. So basically, I will go onto your website the first time, it might seem a little slow. But then what happens is, the next time I come to it, there’s already a copy of it presented to me, right? So it’s gonna be a lot faster than next time I load it. And if I go to another page, and then go back, it’s it’s really, really fast.



So you also want to use fast hosting to increase your response time, right? So a lot of times you can use things like for example, Wix, GoDaddy, all these different providers can provide hosting. But the problem is, is there’s 1000 other websites on that same server, right? They’re sending you know, information back and forth, chances are their websites really large chances are, they have big images on their websites, low speed. So it’s taking a lot of,



you know, a lot of that’s the performance from the server, and then



and it will actually impact your, your speed, right. So you want to have a



Fast Response Time that allows your website to load as quickly as possible. So try a shared hosting package or try a package like WP Engine, not a shared hosting package. So I had a question here.



Just to be clear, if you’re a service area business, is it okay to use your residential address as your business address as long as it’s made visible? Or do you get penalized for that? No, you can use it, definitely use your address. In fact, you’ll get rewarded more for using your physical address than you would not, it just really depends on what you want. If you don’t want people coming to your home, you probably want to make it a service area business, right? If that makes sense.



Then the last thing you want to do is you want to use a CDN, right content distribution network. And what that is, is basically a network have different servers that are nearby whoever they are. So the CD ends will have servers across across the country. And basically, if I’m loading up your website, that CDN is going to pick the server that’s closest to that person so that the time it loads is a lot faster.



So let me know in chat, give me a one, if you kind of understand what I’m talking about to if you’re if you’re uncertain with any of this, you know, if you’re still feeling like maybe it doesn’t work.






So old fashioned SEO is no longer effective. The new SEO approach requires a heavy focus on user



experience optimization.



So again, what are some of the new ranking factors, click through rate is very, very important. You have to be able to sell the click when somebody searches for your service and they see that description in there. Are you able to convince them to click into your website, scroll rate? Are you able to engage with them on your website, or keep them engaged on your website enough so that you have a long scroll rate, when they land on your website, and they first get that first reaction from you or their first initial feeling of whether or not you’re a good company? Is it going to be enough for them to stay there and scroll down and want to learn more, that’s what a scroll rate is, the better the scroll rate are, the higher the score with a better time on page is a big deal. So what are some things that you can do on your website, to increase your time on the website, the website, bounce rate is something to watch very, very closely as well, if you have a high bounce rate that can have an impact. Branding is huge. So Google loves brands, so it doesn’t matter how big of a company you are offline. So you could have been in business for 30 years, and probably generate a lot of customers that way by referrals and everything else, you could be a $5 million company. But if you really want to get 10 million, you know, it doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past, right? If you don’t have an online presence, Google doesn’t know who you are, whether you’re a $5 million company, or $100 company. So you really want to build out a strategy to get known online, put out on your Facebook, social media, all that kind of stuff, you really want to put everything out there on the internet so that it’s all consistent, so that Google understands that this is a brand, right.



And then of course, you want to have



a lot of citations, right, you want to have especially relevant citations, you know, citation specific for landscaping, those ones are you’re going to find that you’re going to get a lot more value out of you can still use other citations as well. But the ones that are the most valuable are the ones that are more relevant to your niche. Of course, you want to have reviews, and relevant links as well.



So want to figure out what what the most important keywords are based on your service, service area and search volume, right? You really want to figure out, you know, people are searching for your service. So what are they typing into Google to get to your competitors or to get to your business? What are the things that you want to look at when it comes to this, right? There’s a lot of tools that you can use online, that can really help you get there, right? Google Keyword Planner, if you have a Google Ads account already set up. It’s a free tool, you just got to go to the keyword planner, type in some keywords that you think is relevant, then Google will spit out the highest search volumes right available.



Other to other software programs that you can use this word stream, you can use sem rush SpyFu, Uber suggests they will give you a lot of ideas as well. Seo surfer is a really good one as well.



You want to set up a great website with unique pages targeting those keywords, right? You want to have pages for every service and each city, right? You want to optimize your website for user experience. And you want to optimize your website for SEO on site. So awesome optimization,



which basically means we’re talking about keyword relevant content.



Right, you want to build your authority off site optimization, then you want to track all your results you want to figure out, you know, you can use search search, search Google Search Console for that as well. If you go to Google Search Console, you can, you can actually look at the backlinks that are coming to your website. And you can see the most commonly searched terms that are showing up your website and figure out if that’s working. If your website is showing up for search terms that isn’t even relevant to your business, then that there might be a problem with your content.



I’m just gonna take a quick look at the chat here.



All right, we’re still good to go. Right. So a couple of things here is here’s some some lawn care keywords that you’re free to take with you just go to landscaper for slash top dash keywords,



I can actually put this in the chat if you like.



This will give you a really good head start right, you can dump these into those tools that I was telling you about.



And it will really help you get a good head start on on your content. There you go. Let’s go murders, calm, top keywords that should work for you. And then of course, this is lawncare keywords, right?



Not all of these will be relevant. So don’t just put these into your website, you want to kind of look through it. And kind of just it’s the ideas to really help you get a good idea of what I’m talking about right to really kind of drum up some creativity, landscaping keywords as well. So if you’re a landscaping company, here’s some keywords that you can utilize that can really help you.



Alright, so we’re gonna talk a little bit more about some on site optimization as well.



So you want to have a strong website with good content and a user experience, right? We’ve talked a lot about that leverage media to improve on page time, right? The longer the user is engaged on your website, the better. So how do we do that? Right, we’re going to go into that in a little bit more detail. But really, at the end of the day, what you want to do is you want to have



videos, right videos is a really important way to keep them there can watch a video that might get interested, you know, a lot of things like that pages for each of your services, right? You want to separate all of your categories of your services that you offer. If you do landscape maintenance, that’s not enough landscape maintenance, you’ll rank for landscape maintenance, but you do bush trimming, shrub trimming, tree trimming, sod installation, you know, do you do pest control, whatever it is that you do in in landscape maintenance, break those out and then make pages for those right? Do you have a wide surface area? Do you have all these different cities and neighborhoods, you need to have pages for those as well.



unique and quality content that is well optimized on every page, then you want to talk about a little bit this is really, really important. This part here is the keyword in the title, and the h1 and relevant keywords and the h2 and h3, including longtail keywords in the body. Then you want to have a meta description that sells the click right. So the meta description is that part that you see when you search your service, you see the listing that part underneath there needs to sell that click right. Then of course, you want to have your name, address phone number in the footer.



What would you consider Jackson saying? What would you consider to be a worrying bounce rate? And what are the most obvious ways to reduce it? Well, to be honest, it really depends on your strategy for what you’re using. So I’ve seen really high bounce rates but hasn’t affected the ranking of your website.



I think it really depends on what’s going on in the website. Some of my clients have a high bounce rate on their website, but we use that domain for landing pages for their pay per click. So pay per click advertising landing pages, they’re always going to have a high bounce rate because they’re just there to call you or fill out a form and they’re gone. They spend no time, right. But if you if you don’t use that in your having a high a high bounce rate, there’s a lot of factors that go involved with that. But a lot of it could be that the search terms that you’re using aren’t that aren’t enough to be able to



explain to the user that this is what they want. So for example, there’s a lot of times keywords that can be mixed up as a product or a service right now and reverb. Right? So is it a static or is it action? So a lot of times those can get construed, right and so the person typing for a product lands on a service page. Well, that’s not what they want. They want the product, they’re going to do it themselves. They don’t want to hire you, you know, things like that. So that can have an impact on it.



bounce rates are really big one would be the load speed. If you had a really



really high.



High images really, really like a lot of big file sizes within your website. And it’s taking a long time for people to load your website there, they didn’t even land on your website they left already. So a lot of ways you can eliminate that is put some videos in there for them to watch. Right? Get them to stay on your website longer, right things like that, if that makes sense.



So but to consider a worrying bounce rate? That’s a tough one. But obviously, the lower the better. I’ve seen websites as low as 5%. Right. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Right? You have to kind of look at what’s going on in website first.



So we want to, we also want to have blog with ongoing updates, right?






we’re kind of in the halfway mark here. What are some of the takeaways? What did you learn? What did you notice? And what would you like to share? Let me know in chat, if you’d like



to take a look at the chat here.



Is there anything that you guys can think of that, you know, you found some valuable or value out of this? You know, is there anything that you can take back to your team that you know, you can really see that could really change how you can get things done on your website. So far, there’s still more to learn.






All right.



So I’m going to give you a quick live example. This is one of my my customers, specialty landscaping just to kind of give you an idea of the h1 tag and how to kind of lay out a website



to build to be built for conversions, right? A couple of things is as you can see the conventions of a website. Here you have the logo on the left, you have your your links here, and then you have a call button, you have a get a quote button right away, especially if I’m in need. As a customer, I land on this website, I see the owner right there. Clearly this is, you know, landscaping company look at the background, that’s one of his clients. Right? He’s very sad, and with a smile,



you know, I’d prefer that he shaved a little bit more. But aside from that, he’s he’s, you know, he’s, he’s, he’s a legitimate business, right? This is authentic to me, right? You know, for me, it’s like, this could be enough that all I need is I just need to get a quote, I just click the quote button takes me to a landing page where I can fill out the form, and I’m done. Right. But as you go through it, you can see he’s got a he’s got a video here, you know, keeps keeps me here, right? And you’re talking a lot about solving pain points, right, you really want to talk a lot about that.



You don’t want to be talking about you, you, you, you, you you want to be going, you know, we’re you know, this is a company that you can trust, right? You’re gonna get the job done, done. You know, do you want to have a company that you can rely on? That’s going to show up on time? They’re going to be like, Oh, yes, that’d be amazing. Right? So then you can talk a lot about that, right? But the purpose of this live example is kind of showing you the, the H tags here, right? So, you know, let’s go to Google here, we’ll type in landscape maintenance. South, okay, see, let’s say.






he’s got a knowledge graph here, because he’s ranking the top position. And this is the most relevant company in the area, right? So as you can see here, which is great, right? This is exactly what you want when somebody types, something like that. But this here is the meta description. Right? Typically, you’ll see a little bit more here. And as you go down, you can see Google allows a little bit more room. It depends. But there’s there’s actually a spot here it says get a quote, is also the best number when you’re selling the click right. And it makes me want to click there.



Let’s go to another one that says bed maintenance, I believe was a good one.



Number two in Google Maps there.



You can see there’s a phone number here. And this unfortunately, you can’t track it. Right. But having having the giving the customer the ability to call you is all that matters, right? We can’t track it from this point, because they haven’t landed on the website. But you know what, in my opinion, let’s make it as easy as possible. If they just want to call a landscaping company. Why not put your phone number in the title? Right? It’s very important, but amazing landscape maintenance. To me the sells sells to click quite easily. Right. So things like that.



Another company that I can think of that is a good example would be solid installation. Let’s say Mississauga, which is a Canadian company that’s out of Toronto.



You know, clear cut group here. Amazing sod installation. We had to put sodding in there because they’re exactly the same term. So we had to kind of put that in there. So it’s a very rare situation.



That you do that. Otherwise, you typically want to just have saw an installation like your main keyword. But you know, you can see here, for example, there’s the phone number, so you’re selling



the click right, you’re professional sod installation sort of starts here. This is the h1, this is the title here, right? Don’t just put some random title that you think is great. Put the keyword in there. So you want to have the keyword in there, because that’s the only reference that Google has to know whether or not this is going to be the site that they have to show on Google, right. So that’s your h1 tag, and then you want to support that with an h2 tag, which is like a subheading text. So experts auditing and solid installation, then of course, you can talk about sod installation, and salting and longtail keywords within the body. You want to have your images that have keywords built in into the description and the details of the image, things like that.



Good question here. Are there any recent Google algorithm updates that affect internal linking strategies? I’m not sure I understand what you mean by that.



By affecting internal linking strategies, if you don’t link your pages together, they’re not you’re not going to have an appropriate linking strategy. So you really want to look at how you link your website, right? You want to silo everything, it’s called a silo. So if you have, let’s say, landscape maintenance, well, underneath that you have all your services that are linked that are there, but you want to be linking across from the top right, you don’t want to be linking these ones down below, because you’re gonna lose all that link juice. So there is a strategy that you have to use that Google will look at as far as how it crawls. Yes.



Alright, so hopefully, that kind of makes sense with the with the h1



tag, but you know, with with specialty landscaping, you know, he’s ranking very well. Took a really good, you know, we started doing his SEO early last spring, took a really good jump when we started to do it. So it just goes to show that it does work. Perfect example is, here’s some stats of his, I mean, he’s not a million dollar company yet. But we’re getting close. Right, we’re getting there. But in 2019, from April to June, he only had 176 leads, as soon as we implemented some of these strategies, in 2020. from April to June, he was able to generate $170,000 in revenue closed booked. Right invoiced. So it does work. Right. So let’s talk a little bit about off page SEO, right. There’s a lot of other factors that are involved with helping getting your website ranked that are done without having to go on to the website itself, right, you want to claim and optimize your Google My Business listing, you want to get lots of citations across the web, you want to build up online reviews, leveraging best in class tools, like nearby now birdeye, nice job. And then you can embed those reviews in the website, right.



And you can also get a large amount of reviews coming in, that’s a big ranking factor. You want to build sort of links back to your website as well from other websites.






what’s the secret to getting ranked on Google Maps?



citations, the more citations you put out there, the more Google can refer and reference your business to find out whether or not it’s relevant, right? These are called Data aggregators, right? All these directories, Yellow Pages, infogroup, data axle,



you know, all these different even groups like like Yelp, and Facebook, and everything else, all matter, all these matters, as long as everything that you’re putting in there is exactly the same, right? You want to have



your name, address phone number to be exactly the same, right? If you change your phone number, you have to go back and you have to redo them all again, right? Otherwise, you’re gonna lose rankings.



And reviews reviews is huge, major factor. And again, we’re gonna go more into detail in the Google My Business side of things on another webinar, probably next month or the next couple of months. So stay tuned for that. But, you know, how do you build good quality relevant links, there’s multiple ways that you can do that, obviously, you know, trying to get someone local, in my opinion, is probably the best way. Because that signal, Google knows that you’re legit. So local companies is one way you can use other directories like Yelp, again, you know, city search. Another one is join your the National Association of landscape professionals, right? Or join an association that’s relevant to your niche, right, if it’s Tree Service, you want to join them. But because they’ll link to your website, which they have a huge domain authority, they’re a national association, so they have a lot of domain authority. Anytime you type in something bold landscaping online, chances are their website is going to show up somewhere, right? So you want to be able to



have that opportunity to get that link from them. The other one is support local charities, you want to support local charities. Those are great as well. Google loves that stuff, the linking to your website, it’s it’s absolutely a wonderful idea. Of course, you want to do some blogging every single month, where you can use those blogs even to repurpose them into press releases. If you want it right, get on those news networks and everything else. And start getting those links coming to your website. That way, you can get a lot of ranking signals using press releases.



You want to join your chamber, local Chamber of Commerce as well, because they’ll always link to your website. Of course, you want to have Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, all those major social media outlets, use those to your advantage, you know, and



however, things are going on in 2021, with everything, all the chaos that’s happening in in the world,



and how we might have a personal feeling towards social media is irrelevant. These guys are massive companies that aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. And if anything they grow, they adapt, you know, things change as much as we do. So, you know, we may personally feel like it’s not going to be a good benefit to us. But really, what you’re doing is you’re not giving yourself the opportunity to get good quality leads from that source. Right. So just wanted to throw that out there. The other thing too, and it might be a tough one is manufacturers right? Still ariens Toro, maybe there’s some repair shops in that are local to you that you could use that can link back to you. Maybe there’s there’s businesses that are local that you know, they deliver sod for you they deliver soil for you, they stuff like that, maybe you can talk to them and how to have a relationship that way?



How do you find the good relevant links. So here’s another way you can do this as you can also research competitors, right? It’s typing your service in Google, and the area that you’re in, look and see what the top five competitors are doing. Right, go to their websites, take a look first at their website and figure out what it is that they’re doing that you could do better, right? That’s the first thing you can do, it isn’t quite relevant to the link portion here. But that’s still important, then the other thing you can do is you can go to use a sem rush or another service, type in their domain name, and it’s going to show the links that are pointing to their website, then you can go and figure out what are the highest domain authority links that are there and contact those guys to try to get links. If they’re directories, which is simple. You just got to go to that directory and include yourself in that directory and get that link pointing back to you.



Lots of ways you can do that. So here’s example, again, of the the search results page, right? What do these results have in common when it comes to Google Maps, for example, and the organic listing?






clean and verify Google Map listing on Google My Business, right? There’s no spam and the company names, right. That’s why they have the top three position, especially the landscaping, tear escapes city seems right there landscaping companies, so having total landscape services, that’s their legit business name, they can put that in there. So you definitely the other thing is you definitely want to have your niche



in the name of your business, but will always help when it comes to ranking on Google. So if you have some weird, you know, company name, that’s not really a landscaping or lawn care name, you’re gonna have a tougher chance. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just kind of where we’re at.



So that’s the big one there. Lots of online reviews, you know, specialty landscaping has the most reviews, so they’re on top right. And then you’ll see, you know, total landscape service or tear escapes there, they have 21 cityscapes has 15. So all those in combination, right. And then of course, the keyword in the title tag, as you see landscape maintenance. You can see here, specialty landscaping,



has a maintenance, landscape maintenance, amazing landscape maintenance in their title tag, right? Or some variation of that keyword you want to have. So happy Rick, lots of citations with consistent reference of name, address, phone number, I talk about citations a lot, because that’s your link source. That is your easiest way to get a link source right is find some software that can help you build out those sites and citations and get those citations built and pointing to your website as soon as you can write and then a solid link profile across across the web.



So we are almost done.



If anyone would like to share their website,



in the chat put in put in the chat your domain name, and I can take a look at your website real quick here because we have a little bit of time and I can kind of give you some tips and tricks



or do I have to call you out



Alan would



You’d like to share your website, I can give you some tips and tricks. If not, that’s totally fine.



Cool, no big deal.



Alright, so we’re gonna summarize this whole thing. And basically, we’re going to basically,



yeah, we’re gonna summarize it. So the one thing you want to do is you want to set up a great website with pages with each of your services for each of the cities that you serve, right? Get your keyword and geo modifier in the title of each page. Use unique content on every page, don’t copy content over from another page and then switch the keywords that won’t work.



That’s a whole nother conversation too, as well, with with the duplication of pages. It can depend on things. Okay, so we got



Isle of Man landscaping. All right, let’s take a look at your website here real quick.



Sounds like you’re from the UK.



Man landscaping.



Yes, cool. Well, welcome.



Alright, let’s take a look.



Very nice. I really liked the layout. This looks really, really slick. I like how you have your logo on the left.



Got your contact information here.



That clickable, that’s good. Let’s take a look and see what it looks like. on mobile.



The only thing I would suggest is figure out how you can have your phone number just showing right here. And also a button to get a quote, right.



Because this is the first thing that they see.



You know, giving them all these extra steps to get in touch with you, chances are it will increase your bounce rate. And you might lose that customer not necessarily all the time. But you will definitely increase your chances of having higher conversions.



So see, here’s a perfect example of an h1 tag. That’s not necessarily the right way to do it. You want to have landscaping in here, right? Your your expert number one, whatever your expert landscaping services or expert landscape services, or whatever it is that you want to focus on for your homepage. But let’s take a look. So you do garden maintenance.



This is this is good. This is what you want. This looks good. These



should have all all pages, right. But it really also depends on your service area. Like if you live in a high population area where you have a lot of competition, then chances are you’re going to need to build out these pages. What’s the population of Isle of Man? Like your service area? Do you kind of have an idea?



70,000 Well, that’s that’s fair, a fair amount? I would honestly, you know, especially for the the biggest ones I would do you know get a page made for grass cutter and get a page made for for hedge trimming. weed, right. And you can pay for a company like that, you know, that can write content for you. You don’t necessarily have to, you know, put that all out yourself.



So that’s definitely what I would do for sure. For garden maintenance. Take a look at lawncare



i would i would definitely look at more content goes go and deeper about your lawn care services. Have some bullets showing maybe those bullets can be links to more pages, you know, with a lawn care because you do lawn mowing, right, you might do lawn edging might be a little bit more, you know, maybe you do fertilization or lawn seeding, right. There might be a few other things that are involved with that that you can build out pages for because not everyone wants lawn care. Some people might just want their lawn mowed, right? Maybe somebody just wants to get some fertilization done right? Or whatever that might be. So some food for thought there. Does that make sense? You can.



Does that help at all?



Awesome. Yeah, feel free to reach out to me anytime if you have any questions.



So this link, okay, so that is so under here, these links are working. But I feel like I’m gravitated to the icons. I wonder if there’s a way that the icon can be the link as well. I know it sounds silly, but these little things kind of are important for people who are



used to it right? Like you got to think about the conventions of a website. They’ve been to 10 other websites before they landed on yours, right. They’re used to clicking buttons in a certain way. By



Definitely, you know, even if you were to highlight this, like, let’s say a yellow contact or change this to get get a quote, get an estimate will be a huge deal, right?



I know it sounds silly, but the thing is, is that these are all the same, right? These look all exactly the same. If you make that a yellow or a block, then it’ll pop pop out.



And they’re going to click that faster than you believe. So I hope that makes sense. As far as the site speed goes, I can probably sense that it’s probably slower. This looks like it could be a bit large. And then you also have a slider on here. I’m not a big fan of these sliders. Because the way it works is it has to load the entire code for that slider, and multiple images at the same time, even though we only see one coming in. That’s not how it works on the back end. So I would definitely take a look at that. Maybe just have picked, pick one of your favorites, right. And then I would put your company name on the top, like right across here as the as the here, right greenscape Gardens, your expert landscaping professionals Call us today.



Because when somebody types in greenscape Gardens online, that’s going to help you rank, right, it’s gonna it’s gonna pop up or because you have landscaping,



landscaping in your name, when someone types in landscaping, it’ll help as well, if that makes sense.



All right.



So we want to leverage multimedia to enhance our time on page to reduce bounce rate. So you know, have a video explaining a little bit more about your company, your services, they can see your face, they can really connect with you on a different level, and see you as as a real person, as a real company, not just some random thing. And it really helps increase crease that trust and conversion rates, get a lot of online reviews across the web, build your citations and consistency, post updated content on an ongoing basis, build links and authority, right? leverage paid search to identify high converting keywords. And that’s it. So I hope that you enjoyed the webinar today. Because you know, and it is really technical, it is a lot to take in. But you know, at the end of the day, it’s an important strategy to have for your business, right? It can it can really take take your business to a whole nother level, you can keep you so busy that you wouldn’t even be able to hold all the leads, right, you have to start focusing on other things like fulfilling these these jobs. And so to have that happen, you just got to get on the first page of Google, that’s the most important part. So you know, if you’re interested, you know, and you stuck around to the end, which is really great. Thank you very much. What we do is we do SEO audits, they cost about $199. for clients, we are going to do this for free for you.



What we’re going to do is we’ll analyze your online visibility, we’ll create a custom keyword list of the most important search terms in your area, we’ll do a ranking report to show you where you’re at currently, do an analysis of your online directory listings and consistency, and analysis of online reviews and reputation and your social presence. And of course, website conversion effectiveness.



So this is something that we normally charge for but because you stuck around for the webinar, definitely be willing to do it for free to shoot me a message on Facebook, which is for slash landscaper marketers. And we’ll get that get that going out for you for for nothing. And we’ll charge you $0 for it. But if you’re like most most business owners, you’re busy doing a lot of things you’re out in the field, you’re you’re doing so many different things, you’re spinning so many plates, you’d like to be in the know when it comes to digital marketing. But really at the end of the day, you’re just looking for somebody to do this for you. Right? Well, that’s us. That’s what we do. We specialize in lawn care and landscaping, right? So if that’s something that you’re interested in, and you really think that digital marketing can really move the needle forward for you because I believe it certainly does, then let’s have a conversation about it. What we can do is you can schedule a one on one strategy session with either myself or someone from my team, where we’ll kind of dig deep into your business, figure out what you use in the past, what you what you’re using now, as it sits today, what’s going on as it sits today and where you want to go in the future. And then we’ll kind of just determine whether or not this is going to be a good fit. If it is we’ll move to a strategy session we’ll dig deep doo doo, do more research about your business, your competitors figure out if there’s something that we can do to help. If that sounds like you. You can call my office at 844-234-5736. Or even better, you can go to landscaper forward slash apply. And that way you can fill the form I can get to know you a little bit better. All right. Again, thank you very, very much for taking the time to come to this webinar. I hope you got some value out of it. And I guess we’ll just we’ll talk to you very very soon. All right. Take care for now.

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